Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kansas City PIAC Meetings Next Week

Check this schedule of boring meetings that offer only a hint of how Kansas City Council members will misappropriate most of the cash for neighborhood improvements: "These hearings are being held so that the Committee and Council can hear from citizens about the city’s public improvement needs. The PIAC will use information gathered through the hearings to recommend projects for funding to the Council for Year Thirty-Two (Fiscal Year 2015-16) of the one-cent sales tax for public improvements."


Abcnkc said...

Will the unuseable Streetcar money be back in PIAC funds by then?

I don't think the silly council gets what that vote meant yet.

Anonymous said...

Give all the PIAC money to Mensaman spend it all on Light Rail. They already have most of it. If you give them all of the rest of the funds they will not be able to build the sewer train.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I bet the next time there is a vote on a tax that stretches through decades and has no real specific purpose the dumb asses of KC will jump right on the bandwagon.

The question remains: How does a whole city remain so fucking gullible?

Anonymous said...

Hey you fng dumb sht ib=n the 3rd and 4th districts, where's your piac money?