Friday, July 11, 2014

Today's Kansas City Bus Hijacking Charge

KMBC reports local wild times in the world of mass transit: "Jackson County prosecutors charge a 28-year-old Kansas City man with trying to hijack an ATA bus."


Anonymous said...

What an idiot!

Mean Jean and flappy pussy lips...... said...

Key word there is "CHARGE". Fucking lame ass

Mean Jean can't get a conviction on a drunk that

kills a family. Mean Jean does a whole bunch of

"CHARGING" and little convicting. If it's a violent

crime in Jackson County, Mean Jean is like the

lips on a flappy pussy. SOFT !

Anonymous said...

Only a stupid ass hood rat would hi-jack a fucking BUS. It's not hard to spot a god damn bus in your moms back yard.

Only in Killer City.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a son he would act like this.