Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sheena Lee And The Kansas City Links

Sheena Lee starts this look at Kansas City links tonight . . .

- Kansas City Gunfire Tonight: Double shooting reported near Swope Park

- Local Run-Around: 45-minute chase in KCK ends in fiery crash

- Kansas City LGBT Talking Point Mom's speech on transgender child goes viral

- Sleaze Summit Man In Charge: The City of Lee’s Summit names new police chief

- Golden Ghetto Conclusion: JoCo city settles after dashcam video arrest

- Stinky Down By The River: MGE: Don't be alarmed by smell in River Market on Thursday

- Show-Me Secret Killing: Missouri executes John Middleton for 1995 triple murder

- Round-Up In The Stix: Clay County sex offender sweep

- Newsie Pay For Play: Davis campaign says it paid for news release announcing GOP endorsements

- Kansas City Summer Rehab: City presents plans for millions in improvements at major intersection, public housing

- Crazy Cowtown Fight: A man aboard an American Airlines flight to Kansas City was detained for allegedly interfering with the flight crew.

- Local Doggie Influx: KC Pet Project set to break intake record

- Cowtown Foodie Intake: The American Culinary Federation is coming to KC

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

I was dumbfounded to hear there was gun fire in Swope Park. that is unheard of...something must be done before this becomes a habit.

Anonymous said...

Must have been zoo visitors

Anonymous said...

Animals shooting at niggers.

Anonymous said...

Sheena was in my fourth grade class. The boys used to feel her up at recess.