Friday, July 11, 2014

Kansas City Smackdown: Clay Chastain Stays Losing Light Rail Ballot Language Debate

Newspaper notes tragic news for the Citizen Initiative Petition Process: "Jackson County Circuit Judge Sandra Midkiff ruled Friday in favor of the Kansas City Council in its fight with Clay Chastain over ballot language. The judge said ballot language in November needs to mention the taxes Chastain wants to raise, but doesn’t have to cite his light rail plan."


Anonymous said...

CK - Corrupt Kansascity

Anonymous said...

corrupt? guess you've forgotten the background.

His 2006 plan had a 3/8 cent sales tax that was stolen from the bus system for 25 years. so in effect, it would have required the city to build rail AND find a way for the city to fund the KCATA at the same time AND implement what was effectively brand new tech, electric busses AND build some weird gondola system

Here's the text from his site to show the tax amount and length.

In 2011 he came back with a new 3/8 cent sales tax for 25 years that would fund a $2.5 billion plan with $1 billion in tax money. How does that make sense?