Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Kansas City Clerks Stay Losing To Toy Train

Right now Northeast News presents Retorts Illustrated with Bryan Stalder and an ode to Gen X cinema in light of local transit shutting down small biz.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious cartoon bro.

Toy trainz burndoggler unjust undue MODot secret deal baby killing bridge stealing geryrmander disenfrenchfries hipster coffee beard renter streetcar construction kills business!

Street and road construction haz no FX on business at all, unless its better! No business haz ever survived construction from streetcars cause only streetcarz toy ternz boondoogie construction is BAAAAAAAAAD.

Save our Trolley Trax buses from the east side and fix our fountainz!!!!

If it wasn't for streettrains we would have monies for anything your heart desires!

I have data from Cato that sez so and I drew pie charts!