Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jordan Carver And Kansas City Tuesday Links

Jordan Carver and her German soccer superiority remind us that we can stop pretending to care about the Euro-sport now and move on to more important things . . .

- More Local Gunfire: Man injured in KC shooting near 12th, Olive streets

- Train Yard Smell Tip-Off: Diesel fumes near Kansas City, Kan., rail yard pose health threat, report says

- Bonnie And Clyde Couple Taken Down: KCPD arrests car chase suspect

- Helling Reads The New York Times Too: Kansas tax policy, causes and coincidences

- She's Been Through Worse OR Another Ill-Fitting Insult: Holocaust survivor faces eviction from Metcalf South tailor shop

- No Sidestepping Missouri Fees: Sales tax changes result in dance studio owner being hit with thousands in back taxes

- Kansas City Emergency Prep Presentation For Your Peeps

- Show-Me Weed Celebration: Mom pleased by Missouri's move to legalize cannabis extract

- Rock Chalk Boobie Encouragement: Advocates, Hospitals Unite To Raise Kansas Breastfeeding Rate

- Sweet Deal Sharing: Russell Stover owners share their wealth with KU

- Rock Chalk Script: KU Linguist Transforms How The Kazakh Language Is Written

- Tribute To Kansas City Legacy: Admirers honor slain Freedom Inc. leader Leon Jordan

And this is our OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't be such a whiny PC bitch and just enjoy the hotness. You don't like the comments, don't read'em.

Anonymous said...

7:37 - exactly what I should start saying to people who don't like comments about unsolicited bulk e-mail!