Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kansas City WWI Liberty Memorial Centennial

Today Kansas City (kinda) commemorates The Great War that was fought for reasons that NOBODY completely understands.

This week "Taps @ The Tower" has been commemorating the start of WWI 100 years ago...

The locals tend to take this war a bit too seriously because Kansas City finances the money losing memorial that STILL hasn't received much help from the feds.

My favorite take on the so-called "Great War" is that it basically started over a wrong turn . . .

The Wrong Turn That Changed a Century -- and Still Haunts Us Today

Here's an even better history lesson on the topic:

New York Times: Why World War I Matters to Today’s Economy

Meanwhile, Liberty Memorial stands as a monument to the "War To End All Wars" that didn't in the heart of the transportation district that claims to be "revitalizing" Kansas City but probably won't.


Anonymous said...

Toy trainz boondoggle killed the Austrian pince and started WWI.

He was just playing innocently on the ironically names trolley track trail and BOOM, streetcar boondoggle came out if the sky and raped him to death. Then, you know, hitler and shit.

Vote no on the septabubletax. It's like a gadjillion taxes undjusy undue.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Polar Bear

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Tony, they're going to fire Staubio and that's why he's going crazy.

chuck said...

Just finished "Lawrence IN Arabia" a great book that illustrates the folly and stupidity of that war, and the inept demarcations capriciously drawn on maps to split up the territory at the end of the war.

Jesus, what a cluster fuck.

chuck said...

T.E. Lawrence was a very interesting guy who lived in very interesting, if bloody times.

Hell of a story.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I could get that memorial up my ass, NO problem!