Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kansas City Flooding Chance & The Link Pool

It's raining right now and severe weather is on the way, that means flooding on local streets is a very real possibility (inevitability) thanks to old and busted streets and sewers that still aren't being repaired under the current regime @ City Hall.

For now, check some of the Kansas City links we're looking at right now . . .

- Consider This A Kansas City Flooding Notice: Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for most of KC area

- Local Crooks Reach Out To The Suburbs: Two Kansas City Men Indicted for Robbing Raytown Bank

- Another Kind Of Racist Sickness: Accused Jewish centers gunman F. Glenn Miller Jr. is dying of lung disease, friends say

- Sunflower State Insect Virus: Wet summer spawns mosquito outbreak across Kansas

- A Story The TKC Blog Community Celebrated First: Woman has image Photoshopped around the world

- Kansas City Fly-By: Police look for suspect who robbed hotel near airport

- Kansas City Cry For Help: Help the city’s animal shelter remain a no kill shelter by adopting

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

All that shit is because of the streetcar. It's also why you have to wear condoms.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear about the murderous Ozark antisemite having a fatal disease. Guarantees him a slow and excruciating death. Wouldn't trust a Kansas jury to send him to the executioner.

Anonymous said...

We bitch when it rains. We bitch because it doesn't.

Could we start a pool on the date when this group will stop whining?

Anonymous said...

No kill my fucking white Polar Bear ass ! Them

fucks gas dogs and cats every day. Just go to

Bo Lings and get you a Dog Mein Po Po platter.

Anonymous said...