Friday, May 16, 2014


Finally, there is a website to keep track of so much runner and jogger inconvenience wherein selfish JoCo joggers and cyclists attempt to shed their white guilt on local streets . . . Check it:

Here's a nicer note on the site seen FIRST on TKC . . .

"Mainstream media have not picked up on it yet but it's a big deal. As you know, road races have become big business — and more frequent in KC. Anyone who has ever run a 5k or has been rerouted due to a race should know about it. This will help coordinators, residents and participants."

Even more deets . . .

One-Stop Shop for Race Organizers and Residents

Kansas City, MO – The City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation has launched a new website to better serve Kansas City’s road racing community. is a one-stop shop for organizers and residents to locate details about events taking place on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri.

Races, runs, bike rides, and walks are a common way for charities to raise money and bring visitors to Kansas City. However, as the number of road-based events increase, so too does the impact on residents and businesses located along the routes.

In 2013, the City hired a dedicated race manager to provide a single point of contact to oversee permitting and other aspects of races, walks, and rides taking place on City streets. was created to further facilitate communication, awareness, and coordination of these events to the general public.

“We are pleased to offer this resource to improve the race day experience for residents, businesses, organizers and participants,” said Mark L. McHenry, Kansasa City Parks and Recreation director. “It has always been our goal to make Kansas City a viable location for runs, races and rides. assists us in reaching that goal.”

"Race organizers can use the new site to apply for a permit and better understand event policies and guidelines,” adds Kansas City Race Manager Jenny Chronister. “The site will expedite the application process and afford groups more time to plan great events.”

For Kansas City residents and businesses, the new website provides detailed information on each road-based event. The site includes a calendar, FAQs, route maps, and registration to receive information for permitted events that occur in a specific neighborhood or business district.


Anonymous said...

the best guide to racism I know is tony's kansas city.

Anonymous said...

True dat.

Glenn, recent transplant from Portland said...

Stay on the path tp self-actualization and you can be an "EMBRACIST" like myself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glenn must have moved to KC from Portland, Maine. No one with any sense would move from Portland, Or to KCMO.
But, welcome Glenn. Have a kale smoothie on us.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a complete racist to think that road races in KCMO is somehow racist.

A racist is someone who can make racism out of something completely raceless.