Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sophie Reade & Kansas City Topics Tonight

None of these stories strike me as exceptionally important today BUT they're worth reviewing IF ONLY because much hotter Kansas City newsies are getting paid to talk about these topics during the evening hours . . .

- Kansas City Mexican Connection: $1M worth of meth seized in massive drug bust

- Dead Tree Media Vendetta: Brownback campaign fundraising letter misstates dates regarding state's finances

- Engineering Another Big Money Win: Incentives for Burns & McDonnell expansion advance

- Path To Hell: Transportation sales tax to go on Missouri ballot

- She Didn't See It Coming: Prosecutors accuse Kansas City man of beating blind ex-girlfriend with hammer . . . More: Blind woman, friend say they fended off violent ex-boyfriend holding them hostage

- Lesson In Disappointment: Father of boy who found $10K at KC hotel speaks out

- Students Rally To Avoid Consequence In KCK: School food fight punishment results in protest

- Dead Tree Media Endorsement: Mark Holland is on the right track in Wyandotte County

- Honors Across The State Line: KCK officers pay tribute to 15 fallen comrades

- Verr├╝ckt Time Out: Opening of world's tallest water slide in KCK delayed

- 13K Scholars @ The K: Royals defeat Rockies 3-2 on “School Day at the K”

- Rock Chalk Chirping Crackdown: In Kansas, Professors Must Now Watch What They Tweet

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

5 years of recession, 5 years of job losses and 5 years of cutbacks in city services hasn't instilled confidence in people that much is obvious.

Anonymous said...

only a hood rat fucking negro would beat a blind woman......what the fuck is wrong with those monkeys?

I totally understand why Donald Sterling didn't want them coming to Clipper basketball games. Negros are bad for business. Jews know that !

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the stand off at Bundy Ranch and the missing Malaysian Airliner before Sterling turned a 12 million dollar investment into a half billion!

Anonymous said...

The editorial on Holland is the perfect example of The Star as whore for the KCMO establishment.

Holland is a putz and a wholly owned subsidiary of the KCMO establishment. The brains behind any improvement coming in that dungheap is from Ann Murguia.