Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Missouri Leads Tragic Puppy Mill Scene

Riverfront Times reveals a tragic achievement for the Show-Me State: Missouri Dominates Humane Society List of 101 of the Worst Puppy Mills in U.S.


Missouri, a three day old turd...... said...

Missouri or Misery as it's known around the country is full of d-bags that are beyond the social level of dog shit. Everyday in the news, there are multiple examples of the turds that inhabit Missouri.

The best thing that could happen to Missouri would be for it to be flushed down the toilet and into the Gulf of Mexico. No, Missouri now makes Arkansas look appealing.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor had a Buck Yorkie!

Anonymous said...

People in the pet rescue world hide in their cause because they know they cant make a difference in the cause that matters as far as humans go, they gave up and are trying to make a difference in the cult world of animals, well actually its a billion dollar a year industry...follow the money people.