Friday, May 30, 2014

Luci Ford And The Kansas City Friday Links

Luci Ford and her Bo Derek bikini hotness tribute inspires this wave of Kansas City mainstream media links for the afternoon . . .

- Here's The Appropriate Place For Kansas City To Yell At Their Council Member: Residents invited to suggest city improvement projects at PIAC hearings this summer

- Golden Ghetto Traffic Trouble: 6-month road project closes Roe Ave. over I-435

- Infrastructure FAIL East of Troost: Large gas line ruptures in east Kansas City

- The Latest Secret Killing: Mo. Supreme Court sets another execution date

- Time For Kansas City To Speak Up: Reward increases for information on Northeast homicide

- Local Run-In: KCPD: Pedestrian struck on North Oak, near Highway 152

- Kansas City Approved Dumping Ground

- Sunflower State Tax Giveaway Break: Kansas Legislature formally adjourns for year

- JCC Training: Homeland Security holding active-shooter workshop at Overland Park shooting site

- Worst Mom EVAR: Woman charged with murder after allegedly delivering baby in toilet, leaving him in Warrensburg cave

- Show-Me Freedom To Burn: Appeals court affirms ruling for Missouri man who burned American flag

- Local Journalism Win: Veteran receives VA benefits after KCTV5 investigation

- Kansas City Makes Junk: Ford's latest recall includes KC-made Escapes (lots of them)

- Kansas City Soccer Country Rock Out: Zac Brown Band coming to Sporting Park

- Dead Tree Springtime Celebration: Kansas Citians are enjoying Loose Park's comeback

- Drama For Your Mama: Kansas City Repertory Theatre Turns 50

- Kansas City Topless Celebration: More than 50,000 expected at Kansas City’s Rockfest

- Bar Room Good Deeds: Tower Tavern is hosting a benefit for one of its regulars this Saturday

- Drink Up This Medical Good News: KU liver transplants continue despite loss of surgeon to Saint Luke's

- Kansas City Helping Hand: Softball tournament to raise money for Ka’Vyea Curry, 10-year-old gunned down at gas station

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for all conversation regarding these links or otherwise . . .


A bunch of people who would put up the money for the surgery said...

Please, PLEASE sterilize that fucking douchebag who killed her niglet and put it in the cave.

What a way to ruin a cave!

Anonymous said...

McCaskils Vet story is bullshit. First off ALL Veterans, unless dishonourably discharged, qualify for medical and behavioural care. It has been this way since 2010. So the idea that McCaskil stepped in and got this guy care is bullshit. He would have likely been denied care prior to 2010 then he would have been granted care after 2010. The idea that McCaskil would try to take credit for this is typical political horseshit.

Second McCaskil's survey is bullshit and the survey questions clearly show that she doesn't have even the slightest udea of how shit works at the VA. Getting an appointment is easy. The problem is once you show up for that first appointment on an issue the delays, cancellations, rescheduling and stalls start until you are either worn the fuck out, suffering form unbearable pain or dead.

God Damn it. T big issue is these fucking politicians don't even get how the dirty tricks work, let alone what they are. As long as these career bureaucrats know how dumb their senators are this shit is never going to get fixed. Just like it has not been fixed in decades. Just give us a card and let us go to a real civilian medical facility. Fuck these game playing, government employee, sonzabitches. All the VA has become is a bastion of job justifying paper shufflers that could give a shit about Veterans Health Care.

This is the kinda crap that gets reported when these investigative broadcasting reporters do such a shitty job of collecting facts. They take whatever they are spoon fed and run with it. Incompetent fucks.

Anonymous said...

You mean Ka'Vyeas' dad was irresponsible and didn't have life insurance? Shocking. You know all of his care is covered by welfare.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Off You Sinquefield Cock Sucker!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think there was any infrastructure left east of Troost.
That's really good news.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the Ka'Vyea bullshit. Fuck the little hoodie.

I'll second that said...

Enough of the Ka'Vyea bullshit. Fuck the little hoodie.

Hugh Jass said...

It's going to take forever for this girl to get all the sand off of her.