Friday, May 23, 2014

Kansas Gang Crackdown Kick-Off

Kansas law enforcement plan to crackdown on Mexicans gangs at the outset of the Summer.

Here's a look at their efforts and new website . . .

Gang Free Kansas

"Gangs, which are fueled by drugs, are violent criminal organizations that prey on young people. They encourage children to join by promising them money, jewelry and status among their peers. This website is designed to provide members of the community with information about street gangs and their impact on society

"This web page also has information about what parents and grandparents should look for in a child’s behavior that might indicate he or she is either in a gang or is being recruited by gang members. Young people and the adults in their lives can also find information here about how to get help getting out of gangs.

This website also provides a way for everyone in Kansas to report gang activity and criminal behavior caused by gang members."

While there is a significant and somewhat serious problem with gangs in KCK . . . TKC will also try and use this number to report the gang of the women @ the Wally Mart in JoCo who shouldn't be wearing yoga pants.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Finally Tony, something you can


on...."fat women in yoga pants"

That would suggest a new "hipster economic opportunity" in the Crossroads area.

A Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center. Then you could get up at 1, grab a coffee and bowl of sprouts, then sit across the street from the JCWL Center in you beach chair and blog. Life is good.

BTW...Wal Mart has a special on those Nikon digi cams with 50-200mm lens. Tell mom you need a yearly advance on your allowance. Perfect for taking close up's of fat asses. We use here at the zoo with great success. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

P. Bear, it's too early to be drinking.

Anonymous said...

hays kansas 3rd street crip mafia represent

Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like a web page and Twitter to really seriously address a gang and crime problem.
Kind of like NoVa, Aim4Peace, ad Hoc, and the tens of millions spent by nonprofits in KCMO.
Anything to avoid actually addressing the behavior of a small minority of a minority of the population.
Impact? ZERO.

Anonymous said...

With legalized gambling and the decline of unions the mafia mostly went away. How about legalizing drugs and see how long gangs stay in business?

Anonymous said...

Hey... F-13 ...gangster fighter pilots better watch out.

Anonymous said...

KC needs officers that want to do their job and a backed up policy of Stop ASK and then Frisk in the high black shooter neighborhoods or on the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

What da fug...why all this Mexiphobia?

If the gang is mex, asian, black, native amer, red, yellow, blue, green or any race or color they need a crack down and an acid douche of society gettin fed up with their shit.

Just because there is a gang crackdown why does the idea it is an anti Mexican move come up.

Anonymous said...

To report gang activity, call your local police department or one of the following:

Crime Stoppers
1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222-8477)

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
1-800-KS-CRIME (1-800-572-7463)

KBI: Good morning, how may I direct your call?

TKC: Uh yeah, I want to make a report of gang activity.

KBI: Please hold while I transfer you to that department.......Gang Unit, Agent Crewcut here, I understand you have info on gang activity in Kansas?

TKC: Yes sir, I want to report on a gang of unruly white ladies concealing contraband in their yoga pants!

KBI: Contraband? Do you think it's drugs?

TKC: Well, I guess it could be, they were drugging their kids up and down the aisles at WallyWorld when I spotted them.

Anonymous said...


Cheeba said...

That, is comedy gold my friend.