Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kansas City 'What If The Church' Clip

TKC will count this toward going to Church today . . .

What If The Church

"What if the church of Kansas City, in all its diversity of congregations, banded together for the common purpose of making Jesus famous in this city through love? This is the vision of "What if the Church?"

I'm pretty sure Jesus is pretty famous already but I guess it's the thought that counts . . . For more Kansas City Sunday Preaching from the creators of this clip:


Anonymous said...

Most people who go to jail are Christian in Kansas City. Maybe we should accept the fact that Jesus died, meaning God died that day and take a look at religion for what it is instead of a Dominionist platform. Let's take a look at child molestation in all religions. We celebrated the death of Chad Rogers and the city didn't care Chad Rogers had intimate relationships with underage teenage girls in Jefferson City? Why?

Anonymous said...

What if the church did anything worthwhile?

Anonymous said...

Like this blog 136?

I find it helps to remind me to be humble, and to be thankful for what I have.

I think it's something; a good start.

The Church I attend does a lot of good, but it's under the radar because those who are doing that service don't go on a blog and proclaim their virtue.

Deuce Newton said...

Well, that is certainly one impressive humblebrag you've laid out for us there, 2:09.

Anonymous said...

What if Americans elected as their President:

George H.W. Bush--son of Senator Prescott Bush, who helped finance the Nazis rise to power in Germany, and was investigated under the Trading With The Enemy Act. H.W. was involved in Watergate as Republican Party Chairman. As envoy to China, he helped the Communists join the world economy as they implemented harsh domestic policies such as the one-child program. As Director of the CIA, he was involved in all manner of assassinations, narcotics trafficking, offshore banking, etc. As Vice President he directed the illegal Iran Contra cocaine for weapons program which brought the crack cocaine epidemic to America's cities while selling weapons to Iran to arm the Nicaraguan rebels.

William Jefferson Clinton--a cocaine/marijuana abuser as Governor of Arkansas. He was involved in illegal money laundering using the Arkansas Economic Development Authority's issuance of bonds. Deeply involved with the CIA smuggling of cocaine using the Mena, Arkansas airport. He is a serial rapist of underage and adult women. Lied under oath, and impeachment charges brought against him as President.

George W. Bush--alcoholic and drug abuser into early adulthood. Falsely claimed to have served in Air National Guard while working for a political campaign in Florida. Likely only won the 2000/2004 Presidential elections through widespread voter fraud. His administration initiated the events of 9/11 as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Barack H. Obama--never before has a person so quickly risen to the Presidency. Of course, when you're a CIA operative all things are possible. A drug-abusing homosexual willing to do the bidding of his controllers, makes for an easily manipulated puppet spokesperson. Quickly reversed himself on most all major political positions, and continued, if not accelerated the Bush policies.

What if Americans remain in their somnambulant state and accept more of the Bush/Clinton poison in 2016.