Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Kansas City Sunday Look

Here's another look at Kansas City local links this afternoon . . .

- Kansas City BURNS Over The Weekend: Vacant house fire being investigated as arson

- Golden Ghetto Reconciliation . . . Overland Park mayor on shootings: Our community came together

- Kansas City Winning For A Change: Gordon's 2 HRs, 6 RBIs power Royals past Orioles

- Sunday Drinking: Beer lovers take bike tour of Kansas City breweries, bars

- Lewis Diuguid perspective: Public schools contend with growing poverty

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Public schools contend with growing poverty
May 18
The Kansas City Star

"America looked like a better, more progressive place 50 years ago."

What's this? Mr. DoBad is actually wanting to turn back the hands of time to Spring 1964?

"President Lyndon Johnson launched his war on poverty, which led to the creation of numerous Great Society programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, better education, job training, Head Start, and food assistance for children and families."

Does Mr. DoBad not understand these programs ballooned since LBJ launched them, like most all federal programs? Does he not read that a record number of Americans are receiving food assistance?

"We’ve trashed that in the last 50 years."

Exactly who is he including in his reference to "we've"? If a minority of the American population has been afforded 50 years worth of subsidized services, and "they've" failed to lift themselves upward, them I would put the blame on this permanent minority underclass, NOT the broad public as a whole.

You see dear reader, Mr. DoBad is similar to a fire & brimstone preacher, always telling you that you're no good and destined for hell. Just a real negative influence on whoever listens. The real answer is to preach love, encouragement, collaboration and positivity. With these, you have a chance to help yourself, your family and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

So the rise of a poor uneducated population is liberal bias? If we don't like the look and smell of poor people we can just move?

Anonymous said...

Poor children is the deadbeat legacy left behind after society fails at attempts to pull itself together moving past modernity.