Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rosie Jones And Kansas City Early Thursday

Rosie Jones inspires this early morning with her photo hotness that compliments this Kansas City mainstream media link compilation . . .

- Save The Planet And Save Kansas City: City hosts Trash Bash litter pickup for Earth Day

- Show-Me Conflict: Missouri lawmakers pass tax cut; veto possible

- Local Search Last Night: Missing Kansas City girl is found safe

- Local Austerity Lesson Reaches LA Times: Kansas educators upset over school funding bill

- Rattled By Sunflower State Mystery: Few answers on why earthquakes are shaking Kansas

- Show-Me Breaking-Bad-Style Money: Missouri traffic stop yields $1.2 million in suspected drug money

- Better Make Time To File Blight Paperwork: KCMO Annual Vacant Property Registration Deadline Is Approaching

- Kansas City Wins 6-4 in 11 innings: Moustakas’ home run in extra innings blasts Royals past Astros

- Well-Deserved Hand-Up: Goodwill helping young disabled people find jobs in the metro

- Working 12th & Oak: Kansas City Needs A Photography Intern . . . And here are other City Hall job opportunities.

- Parting Out Bodies In Town: Nationwide organ share program takes off in KC

- Golden Ghetto Tour Of Duty Complete: 41 years of service coming to an end for OP Police Chief

Once again this is the OPEN THREAD for all off-topic conversation to start the early morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Gaing an employee who is wanting to work? Really? So Goodwill thinks laborors are shiftless, lazy and only deserving of subminimum wages I bet?

Anonymous said...

6:01 Read what they are doing. Don't apply !

Anonymous said...

Missing KC girl found. Police said she went outside to get something from car and didn't come back. Hell, the car was 8 miles away. It takes a while to cover 8 miles. Brilliant police work. And you wonder why they can't solve a murder with 50 eye witnesses and a confession.

Anonymous said...

one thing I noticed from the beginning regarding the shootings at the Jewish centers. The news conferences by Chief Douglass of Overland Park were the best I've ever seen. His honesty, competence, skill and knowledge were impeccable. It was obviously him in control and not members of the media. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

8:24 KC would do well to hire Chief Douglass.

Anonymous said...

KCMO would never hire Chief Douglas, anyone like him, or any outsider, for that matter.
The status quo is just fine for the whole KCMO city operation, where everyone knows their place, no one is held to account for anything, and decisions are based on individuals, personalities, and relationships, not on competence or performance.
That's why they spend over $250 million/year on the KCPD and tens of millions more on nonprofits and other "community groups" and there is NO CHANGE whatsoever in the level of violence or number of murders, even as the population of the high-crime areas of the city continues to decline.
Someone like Douglas would clean house big time.

Anonymous said...

If you're not a nigger, don't bother to apply. Unless of course, you're a raging nigger lover, in which case, we'd certainly look at your application.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the KCI expansion is going to be built on top of former slave graves. This just freaks me out. I know the Denver airport is haunted because they paved over some dead native americans. I wish someone would check out the property records of the former landowners from way back in the day when they did those sort of things. I don't think anybody should build anything on top of any dead people. We don't need any problems like Denver has had. KCI remodel project needs some history detectives and some ghost busters. Who owned that property back in the day? Did they grow tobacco and even use slaves? A little freaked out. Also, bad idea that they would pave a runway over dead slaves. I sure as heck hope this isn't true. I do not think we need a cursed airport. We have an interesting track record of events at the airport that can be noted such as flocks of birds dropping off radio control and the tower blacking out, bomb scares, planes getting stuck, spiders, planes dropping from the sky, smoke on the plane, and other events. We do not need anymore bad mojo. Someone please look into this.