Lament International Jazz Day In Kansas City

Today we pretend to celebrate International Jazz Day in Kansas City.

To wit . . .


Kinda like the fact that Ernest Hemingway never really wrote anything of substance in this cowtown OR that Walt Disney was sort of a Nazi sympathizer who might have his head on ice somewhere.

Anyhoo . . .

Here's how the City will promote the celebration:

"Celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30 at Kansas City’s American Jazz Museum. The Museum brings jazz history to life with touch screens, listening stations, collections of photos, sheet music, posters, and more. Children can make their own instruments at the Jazz Discovery Area. Experience live music at the Gem Theatre and Blue Room nightclub, the latter of which features performances four nights a week."

Perspective . . . Back when it was relevant, people hated Jazz dudes as much as hip-hop artists . . . Now KC Jazz is mostly a hobby for old school white guys and rap music is making that same progression. Examples: Eminem and Mac Lethal.

TKC only listens to disco.


  1. The Jazz Museum is a dismal failure. A money pit. Lies from Cleaver, Barnes, etc.

  2. A certain KCC writer is going to send his union goons after you for writing this story.

  3. Careless Whispers4/30/14, 8:04 AM

    Jazz is dead. Well, except for Sexy Sax Man.

  4. Jazz sucks. And so does the museum.

  5. The whole jazz thing here is trumped up. There are a few spots where you can hear jazz, and a few performers. But that's all. Same can be said of Irish music. Or renaissance and baroque music. Or polka music. These are all musical subcultures that just aren't on most people's radar. Kansas City definitely is more of a jazz destination that Topeka is. But that's all.

  6. Jazz Museum would be better in New Orleans not here!!!

  7. Clint Eastwood loves jazz and ugly women,always has..fuckin weird

  8. I thought only blacks were allowed in there?

  9. Tony, don't forget, Uncle Walt also did Mescaline. Where do you think he got the idea for Fantasia from?

  10. I realize this is a minority opinion but Tony to his credit runs an open forum.

    The problem is that jazz does not have mass appeal. It requires a knowledge and appreciation of music from its listeners that pop music does not have. As our culture becomes coarser and our schools dumb down more and more people, pop music as deterioration in quality. In one generation we go from Bobby Darin to Justin Bieber. In a country where the majority of people want to make stars of Justin Bieber, Justin Timberland and Lady Gaga or the factory produced country music singer stars with big hair or big hats; jazz does not have a chance. Jazz like single malt Scotch is an acquired taste and acquired taste requires an open inquisitive mind something most Americans lack.

    Louis Armstrong once said: “Either you dig jazz or you don’t and there is nothing I can say to change your mind if you don’t.”

    Tony you may not dig jazz but you are one cool and standup cat for talking about it in your excellent blog.

  11. I like Bela Fleck does that count?

  12. All this talk about jizz is making me hungry!!!!

  13. The 12:06 Jazz Guy4/30/14, 1:38 PM

    Replies: Bela is one cool cat.

    Bluegrass, folk and Americana are acquired tastes and my remarks about jazz would apply to them.

    Thank God and KU for KANU or we would not hear a lot of alternative music in this area.

  14. 12:58 your a douche. STFU and take your latte lips off my cock. BTW, I fucked your sister last night. You will have a new cousin in a few months.....

  15. "International" Jazz Night at 18th and Vine?
    What is there, a busload of seniors coming from Cairo, Illinois?
    The fantasy of Sly's empty announcements seems to be spreading.
    Maybe Wagner needs another boondoggle trip to China.

  16. The Sax player/singer from the Lost Boys movie let himself go.

    "I still believe!!!!"

  17. If there is a party going on, count on TKC to poop it!

  18. Note to society. Just because you have a blog does not make you an authority on anything. You just happen to have a blog.


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