Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Justene Jaro And The Kansas City Links

Justene Jaro hotness clad in black inspires this early morning Kansas City mainstream media look for the early morning . . .

- IMPORTANT Toy Train Literature: Letter to the Editor: The little streetcar that could

- Toxic Kansas City Scare: Hazmat investigate substance at IRS building

- Naming The Dead Across The Bridge: Police identify body removed from truck in Northland pond

- Rock Chalk Immigrant Song: KU program to attract international students under scrutiny

- State Sanctioned Killing Approval: Nixon denies clemency for condemned inmate

- Obamacare Says "Hands Off" To Parents: Children's Mercy Hospitals adapt no hitting policy

- Local Rescue Aftermath: Without powerful fire extinguishers, police would not have known man was inside burning truck

- Bowling For Blight: Future is uncertain for suburban icon King Louie

- Crowning Achievement: Albert Pujols hits 500th HR of major league career

- Kansas City Baseball Winning: Shields strong again as Royals bats come alive to top Indians 8-2

- Wake With TKC: Rise and shine? Kansas City is on the job at 7:51 a.m.

- Unfinished Showbiz: Jewish Community Center to complete auditions held day of deadly shootings

Once again this is the OPEN THREAD for all things Kansas City or any kind of interesting off-topic conversation . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna give my kids an extra thump,just for that. Right when they wake up .

Anonymous said...

That fucker in Perfect Village wasn't going no 25mph when he hit that tree, drunk fucker. That reporter either needs to diet or get clothes that fit. She looks very unprofessional which means she has a career at city hall. Hats off to PVPD, nice to see a all white folks town has a token on the dept.

Anonymous said...

I'd give anything to peel that dress off Shannon O'Brien! Goddamn, that chunky momma is hottt!

Anonymous said...

Children's Mercy is turning into Boston Children's Hospital. If disagree with their rules or course of treatment they call in the social workers and take your kid.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to beat my kid's.

Anonymous said...

Have you slugged your kid today?