Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Forever And Kansas City Links

Let's call this nostalgia for the post-modern era: Selena Gomez Reunites with 'Spring Breakers' Cast

And then there's some important Kansas City mainstream media links tonight . . .

- Worst Mom In Kansas City Makes Contact: The mother of the 2-year-old child who wandered away from home contacted police Thursday and plans to meet with them.

- Sound Of Local Po'Folk: New nonprofit bringing music to urban areas

- Another Horrible KC Area Parent: Mom in custody after 5-year-old son found alone in burning home

- Meth Town Statue Charges: First defendant sentenced in pioneer woman statue theft from Independence museum

- Clucking Rage: Brownback Blasts Lesser Prairie Chicken Designation

- Kansas City Helping Hand: Faces of Kansas City: Man providing for local family and Haitian family

- Statewide Sound-Off: Ukulele Fight Clubs bring players together in cities across Missouri

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I truly hope that the ass wad, who stole the statue in Independence, just loves his seven years in jail. What a low-life, piece of shit..

Chester said...

Tell that lil boys mom from Indiana that I got his Q-Trip dog and for her to come by and pick it up. Yum Yum !