Monday, March 17, 2014

Kate Upton And More Kansas City Topics

Kate Upton computer hotness and even more lucky Kansas City links for this evening . . .

- City Hall TEACHES Kansas City Voter Participation: Register for new Community Engagement University

- Local Nicety: Encouraging letters offer boost to KC kids

- Midwest Hateration Persists: Tonight's Phelps Clan Kansas City Protest @ The Midtown

- Cowtown Traffic Impediments: Pictures: Big 12 Runners

- Police seek 2012 Dodge Charger taken in carjacking

- Local teen collecting toys for Children's Mercy

- Show-Me Tiger Consequences Of The Green Kind: Mizzou Suspends Two Basketball Players following weekend arrests

And once again this is your OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .

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Anonymous said...

Negros massing on Turd Creek for a run on Plaza then up to Westport. Let the fun begin.