Monday, March 31, 2014

Kansas City Connecting For Good Promotes Internets Access And Urban Geek Culture!!!

After recent success in KCK, Connecting For Good offers a look at their accomplishments and mission statement.

Connecting For Good: Transforming Neighborhoods with Technology

More than political hype, here's a cause worth supporting . ..

"Initially, we plan to have a couple of sessions a week of our basic computer literacy and digital life skills classes. We spend lots of time with people who have never even touched a computer keyboard. It’s mostly those who went through high school in the days before personal computers were in the buildings. For them, getting these skills – and getting them quickly – is nearly a matter of survival in our information society. To learn about employment, educational opportunities, affordable housing, social services, and decent medical care, the basic skills needed to use the Internet are a must.

But, beyond this basic instruction, we are striving for an even bigger cultural shift – we sometimes refer to it as growing an “urban geek culture.” We want to see Internet access and knowledge of technology become ubiquitous in Kansas City’s urban core. We are doing this in a city where nearly 16,000 children are in a school district that has lost its accreditation and where 70% of school kids do not have an Internet connection at home. It is a tragedy when KC’s high tech firms have to find most of their employees elsewhere because they cannot find the talent right here in their own backyards!"

Developing . . .

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