Friday, February 28, 2014

Watch Out!!! Kansas City Spy Tech Cams Could Catch You Taking A Dirty Dump!!!

KCTV5 reports that the city is watching you do your business and the consequences of life without regularly scheduled bulky item pickup are making this town even more of a hot mess: "Investigators are using hidden cameras to catch people illegally dumping their trash on Kansas City streets and the covert operation is catching hundreds of illegal dumpers in the act."


Anonymous said...

Big fucking deal.

Of the 284 summons issued, how many actually resulted in any penalty?

And of that $67,000 in fines that were issued by the City, how much was actually collected vs. how much was pled down once the summons went to court?

Compare that to the cost of salaries for the investigators, the cameras, and the administrative time processing those summons and getting them through municipal court.

And the City STILL has to pay to clean up those sites and dispose of the garbage.

Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to just set up a few free collection sites where people can throw away their shit for free? It couldn't be all that much more expensive than this stupid ass game the City plays right now.

Anonymous said...

11:29, IT'S FREE ALREADY. What the hell more do you want? It's free for tires, bulky items, grass and leaves, brush, storm debris. Twice a year the city has trash amnesty days where you can throw away damn near anything in any quantity.

Anyone who can't figure out how to get to a free dump site is a lazy piece of shit destroying the environment and costing ME money to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

So tell us, 11:54 brain trust (aka ACM) where oh where and when oh when are these free services offered?

Anonymous said...

niggers and meth heads

Anonymous said...

Kansas cities trash pick up is worthless. Two trash bags and I hav Etonian drag all my other shit all over town. Just pick up everything. Your going to have to do it one way or another. Now excuse me while I go down this empty street.

Anonymous said...

I always see the coolest couches and pets dumped in Independence!

Anonymous said...

KCMO should install hidden cameras at the airport to catch city workers boarding planes to far away vacations paid for by taxpayers.