Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leah Francis And Kansas City Early Thursday

Leah Francis starts this early morning look at all the important Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- One More Rainbow Bunny Teaching Moment Today: Kansas City Public Library explores applications of Google Fiber

- Tragic Northland Crash Aftermath: Man arrested after fatal Platte County wreck had license revoked . . . Family seeks justice after deadly wreck

- KCK Prison Industrial Complex Push Back: Lawmakers move to block parole office

- Pill Popping Check: Mo. lawmakers working to begin tracking prescription drugs

- Jack Cashill Describes The Conspiracy Of The Future: Kansas City @ 2054

- Corpse Connection: Body found in KCK freezer could be linked to Arizona disappearance

- For Those Who Would Attempt To Justify Surveillance Tech: Drivers take advantage of city's halted red light camera citations

- Leaving Kansas City: No surprise if Chiefs let Albert walk

- Show-Me Global Climate Change In Effect: This winter could set records in Missouri

- Cowtown Milestone: Mission accomplished for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Kansas City as the organization celebrated the end of Mission 350.

- Sunflower State Booze News: Kansas home brewers could soon legally share beer, wine

- A Lesson In The Latest Teaching Fad: The flip side of learning: New method lets teachers give students more attention

Once again, this is the early morning OPEN THREAD for all thing off-topic and otherwise interesting . . .


Anonymous said...

Turns out you can't go up to women in person and discuss...

Anonymous said...

how can they advertise?

Anonymous said...

Can one describe the saleswoman one is looking for as "the one with a huge rack"?

Anonymous said...

That's a man baby!

Stop being gross.

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