Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kansas City Voter Airport Meeting Testimony

Just a quick take on last night's East Side meeting on the new airport scheme . . .

"About 20 people at this meeting.

"Acoustics horrible.

"Committee obviously has already made up their mind . . ."

More: Low turnout at KCI town hall doesn't deter lively discussion


Anonymous said...

"we have been told to scrap the image that people are seeing," said Nia Richardson of the Airport Advisory Committee.

Who is telling the advisory committee to change the images and their story?

Many members of this group became visibly upset when people spoke against the idea of a new terminal.

I am no genius but I can recognize a dog and pony show when I see one.

Anonymous said...

The acoustics at Mohart suck. It's useless as a meeting facility.

Anonymous said...

Making believe that the electeds in KCMO have any interest is the opinions of the public is a joke. There is an endless parade of summit meetings, town hall meetings, and meetings meetings, and they're all window dressing and dog and pony shows.
Whether the topic is crime and violence, airport terminals, streetcars, or anything else, the public is treated with utter contempt and ignored.
And voter turnout declines year after year. And the same kinds of people run for an are elected to the council.
Look at the crop of candidates coming along.
World class.

Anonymous said...

I thought we had a airport

Anonymous said...

This is such a horrible idea. Stunning how little KCMO listens to its citizens. Someone will make money off this, but it won't do one thing for the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pretty hard to get people to show up when everybody knows it's just a circle jerk.