Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beyoncé Booty And The Kansas City Links

Tonight we celebrate Beyoncé and her booty with recent screen-caps of her latest video . . . Also, here are Kansas City mainstream media links that also might be worth a peek:

- More On Maddox Shame: Community reacts to WyCo commish's threat report

- Dead Tree Media Begs Kansas City's 1% Owners: Is there a third way for Kemper Arena and the American Royal?

- Show-Me Faster Consequences: Mo. lawmaker seeks swifter executions in fatal kidnappings

- Tragic Case Follow-Up: Marcus Benson speaks out about LP and what he knew before police found her

- Local Elite Reporting: Jeff Roe The Job Creator

- Outcome Across the Bridge: Northland standoff over, suspect in custody

- Keeping Gov Biz In Town: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will keep office in KC

- Ferruzza Report: My last lunch at the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange

- Meth Town Gratitude: Independence man thanks first responders who saved him

- Prepping For The Kansas City Growing Season: KC to plant urban orchards in vacant lots

- Cowtown Concern: Shatto diary feeling the pinch because of cold weather

- Northeast Kansas City Lesson In Endurance: After 34 years, library employee ready to say goodbye

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

when did Beyonce become a blonde White woman?

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is an excellent role model for my daughters.
-----President Obama


Anonymous said...

That Maddox guy, holy shit. So glad I don't live in a county that pays bullies like him run amok, much less letting him lord it over the peasants like he was the Czar of the Dot.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has to rely upon Jeff Fat Fuck Roe for a job, is at the bottom of the barrel. This slob creature, will sooner or later be figured out and his "favored fat man" status revoked.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce...what species is that ? If she famous blacks claim. Tiger is example. Wait he's half Asian.

Obama, wait he's half White. Famous = Black
Whatever else = no mention

Seems that African Americans are actually Americans who act like Africans. A lot of confusion in the black race. Or is it a master plan. You know they been watching those Planet of Ape movies over and over. Subliminal messages perhaps?

Anonymous said...

It seems like 500k yearly isnt that much to keep up kemper. It seems wasteful to knock down an aging but useful arena just to put up a dedicated horse show ring.

Anonymous said...

Kemper arena could run for 13 years at the cost it would take just to knock it down. 500k cost yearly vs 6.5 mil for demolishion.