Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Nina Agdal And The Kansas City Link Look

Nina Agdal and her banana yellow bikini hotness bring us to the middle of this work week as we gather these noteworthy Kansas City mainstream media links for the morning . . .

- UPDATE . . . But Not Really That Important . . . Nixon appoints Kilgore to KC Police Board

- End Of The Kansas City Airport Getting Closer: KCI to close 1 of 3 terminals Wednesday night

- New Members Of The Medical Industrial Complex: Osteopathic medical school is ready to grow again

- Big Kansas Democrat Promises: Davis promises bipartisan administration; Brownback campaign blasts Davis' support of Obama

- South Town Snow Removal Partnership: Leawood, KC split responsibility for plowing State Line Road

- Urban Core Justice Collabo: Security guards help police with arrest in homicide case

- Cute Cowtown Story: Man rescues calves from frozen pond

- Still Alive, In Captivity And Cancer-Ridden: Nikita, otters among few loving polar vortex

- Somehow, I'm Sure This Is Racist: Taco Republic brings street-food chic closer to Main Street USA

- One More Train Transit Fail: Overland Park woman stranded on Amtrak train: 'It's like we were being buried in snow'

- Community News Commitment: NE leaders share personal and Northeast resolutions

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Anonymous said...

Whoa NINA!

Anonymous said...

Kansas City plows?

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the security guards for catching the shooting suspect.......but for $10 an hour and no benefits?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nina!

Anonymous said...

I notice on Wikipedia on biographies for celebrities, they will say dating so and so. Nina is dating Max George of the Wanted. I bet he is dating her brains out and she is dating out his. What an interesting euphemism. The other day a car slid on the ice and dated my bumper and part of the fender. You couldn’t see the damage on the fender because it is a dark car. What color is it? It’s teen. You might say a jet teen.

Hyperblogal said...

I would like to present the following list of things done for Northeast KC by the MO Legislature:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nina!!!