Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kansas City Craigslist: El Torreon AKA Cowtown Ballroom @ Christian Redux!!!

An interesting tidbit from KC Craigslist posted just a couple of days ago:

$1/32000ft² - El Torreon / Cowtown Ballroom at Auction 1/29/13 (31st & Gillham)


"The historic ballroom will be sold to the highest bidder this Wednesday at the north door of the Jackson County Courthouse in a Trustee Sale between 9am and 5pm."

Even more background and a really great documentary on the topic: Cowtown Ballroom...Sweet Jesus!

Developing . . .

UPDATED . . . For all those interested, word is . . . It might go from being a kick-ass rock venue . . . To yet another Kansas City Revival Church.


Anonymous said...

Check, double check, facts, sources, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Shitlist, I mean Craiglist link isn't happening.

Anonymous said...

People actually still use Craiglist?

Anonymous said...

Whats a revival church? What is there to revive?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Greek orthodox will buy it

Anonymous said...

Smoked a lot of weed in that place and saw some amazing bands.

Anonymous said...

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Sam Newby said...

Hi there,

This is Sam Newby, Pastor of Bridgeort Community Church. We have located off 18th St for our first 5 years as a church and to accommodate the growth of the community we have bought a building for the church.
The building is the KC Icon El Torreon building at 31st & Gillham Plaza

We are exited to be part of the neighborhood and as we have always been continue to be highly involved in the community - hosting concerts, art shows, and all sorts of events beyond just regular church activity.

In terms of the transition from the building being a flea market and now transitioning into a church, our position is "

"We recognize that the El Torreon has a rich history in Kansas City culture. It has been a dance hall, a roller rink, a concert hall and most recently a treasure trove of a flea market. All of these uses reflect a love of life and passion for creative expression that we admire and enjoy. Our desire is to continue those traditions as we pursue God's kingdom here on earth. No entity on has ever been more creative than God himself, so what better place to worship Him than in one of KC's iconic creative venues?"

Joel said...

The "Kick-Ass Rock Venue" had become another dilapidated iconic building. If you've been in there, you know what I mean.

It was a shell of it's former self.

The fact that is was purchased by a group of people with a plan to restore it while preserving it's historic status should be applauded.

If you love "Sweet Jesus" then you are happy it's a church. If you love the El Torreon and all it represents then you should be happy it's being preserved.

If you don't love either, then you're never going to be happy....perhaps you should attend a service. :)