Craig Glazer Talks Jimmy Walker And His Kansas City Weekend Plans

TKC NOTE: Here's what our pal Craig is up to this weekend . . .

What You Didn’t Know
About Jimmy Walker

Yes, everyone knows Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker is Kid Din-O-Mite. Yes, Jimmy was the star of ‘Good Times’, the hit Norman Lear TV series from the ‘70’s. Yes, Jimmy still performs stand-up comedy all over the nation and in Las Vegas where he lives.

Here are some interesting facts about a true legend in comedy that you may not know or remember. When Jimmy ended his TV series ‘Good Times’, he became one of the most in-demand TV comics of all time. Yes, he did several forgettable movies including comedies with Bill Cosby. Maybe what was more interesting was that he became a regular on the Dean Martin roasts, moved from there to being a regular on Hollywood Squares. After Squares, Jimmy was brought back to television on several TV series that he was a regular on including ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and ‘Scrubs’. Then maybe one of the most noteworthy TV jobs Walker had was as a regular on Bill Maher’s ‘Politically Incorrect’. Walker was a regular on that show while it was on mainstream television and left it when it went to HBO several years ago.

Jimmy has had more late night TV appearances than most comics, most notably appearing on David Letterman several times a year. Walker was also on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the early years of Leno hosting the show. What many people don’t know is that both Leno and Letterman were paid writers of Jimmy’s before they got their big breaks. Another famous comedian who wrote for Jimmy was Louie Anderson. From the ‘80’s to the present day, you’ve seen Jimmy on countless television series including ‘The Love Boat’ and in popular films like ‘Airplane’. Walker also has been a constant host of award programs on both BET and Comedy Central.

Jimmy came up the ladder working at both The Improv (which he is part owner of to this day, bet you didn’t know that) and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. I saw Jimmy host an entire Saturday night at the new number one comedy club in LA, the Laugh Factory, where he co-starred with both Dane Cook and Dave Attell.

Walker has managed to stay relevant in a tough business. In the entertainment world, you are only as hot as the last shows you did. What you also may not know is that People Magazine named him one of the top 100 Cultural Icons of the last century along with names like Muhammed Ali, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Last year, Jimmy and Chevy Chase received awards as two of the top comics in television history and on Tuesday night, he will be at the TV Critics awards where he and Bob Walker will take home the award for most groundbreaking series.

Maybe what’s most amazing about Walker, is that he is one of the few clean comics in the ‘Tonight Show’ stand up tradition left and that he has outlived the popular and massively successful comedians he worked with when he broke out. Those comedians included people like David Brenner, Elayne Boosler, Rich Little, and Gabe Kaplan just to name a few. While the others have gone quietly into the night, Walker is still front and center not only on television but in the big theaters in Las Vegas where he has co-starred with everyone from Sommore to George Wallace.

‘Good Times’ along with ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ are the longest running syndicated shows on television. Yup, there’s all those college kids watching TVLand, smoking a doobie and watching ‘JJ’. They grew up with him too.

I’ve worked with Jimmy Walker more than twenty years and it was because of Jimmy I was able to bring in Brenner, Boosler and Kaplan fifteen to twenty years ago when they were more relevant stars. Jimmy and I have spent much time together in LA where he tried to get me on the Bill Maher show and more recently we’ve spent our share of time at the sports book in Las Vegas watching baseball and football. Maybe the most interesting connection Jimmy and I have is that Sal Manna co-wrote the ‘King of Sting’ as well as Jimmy’s book that came out last year; ‘Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times’. No, we don’t have any girlfriends in common, it’s Walker who dates Ann Coulter, not me. I am proud to call Jimmy a close personal friend and he acknowledged in naming me in the closing acknowledgements of his book as one of his best friends. It’s an honor I don’t share with many and I am honored by the distinction.

Come see Jimmy ‘JJ’ ‘Kid Din-O-Mite’ Walker this weekend at Stanfords. Call (913)400-7500 for tickets or go on-line at Some shows are already sold out, get your tickets now. You will enjoy this show.

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  1. TKC, you forgot to include a DYNO-MITE in this post. Please correct.

  2. Your friend Glazer equals vomit.

  3. Thank you for that commercial for one of the greatest comedians of all time. JJ is bigger than Bill Cosby will ever be. He's so popular that he has a talk show on a crappy station in Nebraska today.

  4. But I like Good Times. And JJ is much funnier than @1:50 who don't make me laugh at all.

  5. I caught Jimmy flying from Vegas to Kansas City on a Southwest flight about 10 years ago. He was just like everyone else and seemed pretty decent. Nods, smiles and winks were given as he boarded the plane. Sure wish I could have sat by him as he appeared to be humble guy....


  7. Saw Mister Walker at Stanfords two years ago. He was DYNOMITE. I was kinda surprised at how funny he was people. He says people quite a bit. He is dating Ann Coultier. What the hell!

  8. Got 14 inch Jimmy with the head the size of an apple!

  9. Awesome! Hey, maybe the Professor from Gilligan's island is available too. He is dead, after all.

  10. Hey -thanks!!

    for when playing the "Dead or Alive?" party game -

    it's a good tip to know that '70s sitcom star Jimmy Walker is actually -- still alive!!

    (and, yes, Abe Vigoda-- also - still "Alive"!)

  11. There is a difference between sold out shows and full shows. Nut fuck Glazer gives away so many tickets he can't ever sell out a show. But he can fill a show big ass difference. Now as for Walker he is on all the shows all the time because the fucker has no steady work of any kind. Ok so what he is sleeping with Ann the mudshark, well we think he is, nobody knows for sure if Ann is even really a woman. He isn't doing any real TV or movies because he isn't bankable in short he has no bonifides anymore. Hell even Ed Wood turned him down when asked for a job. So he slums along doing shit shows at places like Sanford's hoping to make a dollar or two. I happen to know of several other G rated comics as well, but you won't see those folks in a dump like Stanford's.

    Enter stage left all of Craig's little nobodies making ass kissing posts in 5 4 3 2 1

  12. For some insane reason yesterday I saw KCL when JW was on it. Talk about a painful moment, my eyes are still burning. Least I didn't have to see Glazers ugly puss as well.

  13. Steve Kramer1/17/14, 6:35 PM

    To compare Walker with those old guys is like comparing George Brett with Dave Duncan. Not the same. Walker is a legend, simple as that. Nobody can argue that one. Haters find some other issue this one doesn't fly.

  14. Walker 66 is a fucking old guy himself you flaming retard known as Kramer.

  15. Hey man Don Rickles is 87 and still sells out in Vegas, still funny. We all get old some still stay on it,like Frank Sinatra and JJ. I am at Stanfords for the late show coming up, the first show is totally full, so he's doing something right.

  16. He wasn't that funny. Late 70's, Richard Pyror "smoked him".

  17. Danny Bonadouchebag1/17/14, 8:55 PM

    Glazer smoked a few poles in Las Vegas.

  18. Anonymous people believe they are superior to celebrities. Trolldom.

  19. And assholes named Byron who are spineless fucks that stand and watch the old man fuck his wife. Got a good lawyer yet Byron, you're going to need one soon.

  20. Carl, Mission Hills1/17/14, 9:39 PM

    Walker isn't a damn legend he is just another sitcom fool trying to still make a living doing some sort of stand up. And as someone else said it isn't a sold out show when you hand out free tickets to people right and left to fill the place. The real idiots here are those of you who paid for your tickets to maybe get a better seat while the ones setting next to you maybe got in for free. Lots of good bands playing tonight here in town as we are about to go hear some great live music, so fuck Glazers shit hole with his weak has beens.

  21. If Glazer is so busy with all these so called sold out shows what the hell is he doing posting comments over at KCC for? Phony ass for sure the King of Stink smells everyday no doubt.

  22. Anon 9:30

    I didn't stand & watch. I wasn't there. Why should I get a good lawyer? A spineless piece of shit like you can't touch me.

    Just keep making shit up. Its what trolls do.

  23. Ms. 9:30

    I can tell by your comments that you are not smart enough to do this. Besides, at some point you would have to take off your cloak of anonymity. You can't do that. Its your shield from accountability, Your shield from libel, your badge of pussidom.

  24. saw JJ open for Rich Little in the 70s and Screech in the 80s.

  25. Oh Byron you of all people should not be speaking of libel. See you have no idea which one of us or should I say who is a part of the group who is really after you. So before you start making statements about who is smart and who isn't I suggest you start doing what some have suggested you do. Being the laughing stock of KC and the shame of facing those in your own home town as well as any family you have let is going to make for many very long days and sleepless nights. Life as you know it is about to change.

  26. Byron=White knight = Racist. You proved it pal!

  27. Ms. 11:17

    You're a pathetic liar. At some point you anonymous pussies will have to do something besides talk. That's all I see here is talk. So a group of you now? Like I said, at some point you have to take of your cloak of anonymity. You won't do squat, you're just playground bullies.

    I have never committed libel. That's why Mark has remained silent. The truth is a defence against libel. I'm not committing fraud, as much as you self-appointed experts bitch about it, it doesn't make it so.

    You'd better hurry. In a couple of years it becomes Social Security Retirement Benefits.

    What a bunch of pathetic pussies.

  28. Ms. 1:52

    I'm not a racist, dumbass.

  29. Shit, or get off the pot. Blah, blah, blah, that's all this is. Cowardly little pussies threatening an old man. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

    Ms. 1:52

    Don't call me pal ... I don't have any friends who are assholes.

  30. White Knight = Racist = Youproved it asshole!

    That better?

  31. A white man calling another white man a racist because he doesn't hate blacks is not only mind boggling stupid, but down right Orwellian.

    Troll, you missed some comments above.

  32. not Carl............1/18/14, 4:25 AM

    real close smelly wife beater....

  33. Pootie Tang1/18/14, 4:56 AM

    lmfao, Byron calling online posters "playground bullies". That's some funny shit Byron, coming from a wife beating, social security stealing, child wanker.....

  34. Why anyone would spend ten cents to see this old nigger, is beyond most of us. He should have a towel over his arm, serving tea to some old white ladies...

  35. "‘Good Times’ along with ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ are the longest running syndicated shows on television."

    Really, Glazer? Longer than "I Love Lucy"? Longer than "All in the Family"? Longer than "The Beverly Hillbillies"? Longer than "Sanford & Son" (I'm sure you are familiar with that show)?

    Those are just some of the TV comedies that have been in re-run longer than "Good Times"

    But since you brought up "longest running syndicated shows on television", you might be surprised to learn that "The 700 Club" tops them all.

    Fond as you are of long-running syndicated TV shows, will you be booking Pat Robertson soon?'

  36. meanwhile, the blockbuster success of Stanfords Uptown has totally revived the entire Uptown mall area-

    into a thriving, bustling jam-packed shopping and entertainment district.

  37. The Real Hollywood News1/18/14, 10:30 AM

    Mr. Walker was the key actor in destroying the show Glazer wants to lie about being so great. The ratings prove how the viewers wasn't impressed. A decent first year and good second year then basement ratings for four seasons due to JW thinking the show was all about him and ruining it. The advertisers disagree as well and selling ads on the show dried up and when that happens in Hollywood the show dies as well. After the show he wasn't in demand as much as he whored himself out to every booking agent in the business willing to work for peanuts. So yes he was booked a lot simply because he was cheap, dirt cheap. The only reason this fool is having to do small clubs is he has never moved up to the big money like all the other comedians of his time did and who are all retired or doing a few huge big shows a year. So JW has a book wrote by the same slime ball as Glazer had write his, oh wow sure he is getting rich off that as well. So is Eastwood going to make JW's life into a movie as well. Maybe Clint should do a movie about two assholes one white, one black, who neither one is 1/16th as famous as their minds tell them they are. Lets call the movie, The Dy-no-mite Kings "The Story About Two Duds That Should Implode"

  38. I personaly wouldn't recognize
    jj walker if I saw him on the
    street but he's still working after all these years which is
    more than your can say for all those old comedians that he started with.
    Lets be realistic...even if the
    guy make $3000 a week that's a
    heck of a lot more than these
    haters on tkcmake.
    He obviously loves comedy...he's
    still got pulling talent...and
    he's got a name that people remember.
    JJ may not be as hot as black or
    some of the other comedians but
    it seems the top life of comedians
    these days is so short.
    Congrats to jj...he's lasted...his comedy is still funny...and he's dating that
    conservatve ho coulter.
    As for glaze...what more can you
    losers say about him. His club does a great job brining in
    some top tier comedians along with some up and comers.
    Leno said that kia girl glaze brought in last week would be
    huge one day. Saw her on leno..
    and with those legs/face and really funny skits she should do
    So before you go pounding on glaze about his comedy business
    remember he's still doig a good
    job. He's an incredible self
    promoter/pr dude/and has lasted
    in a business where his competitors
    with all their money have failed.
    Why bang on a local guy so much.
    I think he's done a good job with
    his business side...
    I just wish he's stop acting
    like a football expert (lol).
    but for those of you who choose
    to hammer the guy its becoming
    old hat.
    Give the dude some credit...
    he's still rolling!!!!
    and besides...if you didn't have
    glaze who would you use your
    vile disgusting horrid comments
    on...mayor sly or a city council
    you dudes with the comments are
    nothing but ___________! fill in
    the blank.
    your friend

  39. oh and to the guy who said
    glaze has a full house because
    he gives away tickets...
    lets me explain...
    even the big sporting events
    give out free tickets...
    George strait probably gaicr out
    2000 free tickets....
    its part of the promotion to get
    air time/mentions/free pub etc...
    so glaze isn't the only entertainment guy papering the

  40. Chet Marrson1/18/14, 12:10 PM

    Well Harley you asshole get the fuck back over to KCC with your ass kissing comments about Glazer. You always stating facts you can't prove about shit you know nothing about so cool it. You related to that fucking Byron by chance? With Alonzo and all the other assholes in this town having to deal with Glazer is just to much so yes he is one of the assholes that needs to go away along with Alonzo the James Gang and all the city managers along with the city council.

  41. Fuck off Harley go over with Wilson and be his bitch you two are alike, liars and nobodies living in less that 900 sq. ft. duplex dumps.

  42. The haters on here are simply amazing. Now they are hating JJ. Why? JJ is a national entertainment figure. Yeah his big days are behind him but he's had them. Few do. I respect his long success. Cool. As for all this finding a way to hate on Glazer no matter what he writes. What a bunch of work. If you don't like the man don't read his stuff, simple.

  43. Pootie Tang............1/18/14, 5:01 PM

    Pootie say JJ Dyno Mite gets blowed by Man Glaze. They be buddysbutt.

  44. 2:43 you enjoy french kissing Glazers asshole after JJ has popped a load in there?

  45. Mitch Epstien/Olathe1/19/14, 8:12 AM

    Took six people to see JJ last night at Stanfords. I had never been to that location. My girlfriend won two tickets off KMBZ, so I went with her and four of our friends bought tickets and went with us. There was a long line outside the comedy club at around 7 PM. They had two ticket windows, we went to the inside one to avoid the cold. Everyone was busy and the lady was sharp. I could hear many people talking to her and using their credit cards to pay.

    The bar was packed, the main club or theater was simply a fancy modern room, two decks. Very nice.

    The show was very good, JJ had the crowd rolling, never dirty either. Looked sold out to me, saw no empty tables or areas.

    I read this site often and see all the anger and vile comments on Glazer. Going to his place answered many of those questions. It was fun, beautiful and impressive, I'd go again. By the way Glazer opened the show, clever and funny himself.

    I don't have a car in this race and I' m sorry my comments are so late. Seems much of the negative here is just written by negative minds.

    1. Hey Craig, great post here.

  46. Ditto Mitch

  47. Leaving aside Glazer for the moment, "Good Times" was indeed an extremely bizarre show.

    First off, John Amos was 35, and Esther Rolle was 54 when the show debuted. It is a testament to their talent, I suppose, that they could pull off the idea that they were a long-married couple beyond the pilot episode.

    Second were the mismatched kids. The tall, lanky, bug-eyed JJ didn't fit with the very bright and handsome Thelma or Michael, in either appearance or behavior.

    I do not quite agree with the commenter above that Walker can be blamed for the JJ character breaking out, any more than Henry Winkler can be blamed for Fonzi breaking out and more and more Happy Days scripts centering around that character.

    But . . . it certainly created problems on the set.

    Not that they blamed Walker either, but Amos had pitched battles with Norman Lear over the direction the show was taking, and especially with the modern Stepin Fetchit JJ. His option was not renewed after the third season and his character was killed off.

    Rolle continued to express the same concerns as Amos and parted the show one season later, although apparently more amicably. She returned for the sixth and final season married to the much more age appropriate Moses Gunn.

    The Amos' James Evans character as written had another flaw that stretched credulity beyond the breaking point.

    Here was this devoted family man, apparently very physically fit, with a great work ethic (often said to be working two jobs), who preached the value of education to his children.

    Yet he apparently couldn't hold down any job long enough to make enough money to move his wife and kids out of the crime-ridden Chicago projects (strongly implied to be Cabrini-Green which was shown in the opening theme song).

    But apparently, these inconsistencies didn't matter much to the audience who tuned in to laugh AT, not with, the JJ character who got dumber and dumber.

    But even this didn't work for more than two seasons. Even before Amos was fired, the show began a preciptous decline in the ratings.

    It even looks like the network execs were embarrassed by the show because they did what they always do when they want to kill off a show -- move it from time slot to time slot against stronger competition.

  48. Man how do you know all this dude. Who are you? Sound like a TV executive of some type. Let us know how you are so smart, PLEASE. I don't really care but those comments were on it brother. You kinda put down jj, but in real life Walker has had a long and strong career. Right?


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