Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Buffet Missed Opportunity In Other Cultures: Kansas City Animal Shelter Overcapacity

KMBC and more pet reporting while people freeze: "Kansas City's Animal Shelter was filled beyond capacity during this week's historic cold snap, as people brought stray pets in and animal control officers seized animals left outside in frigid yards."


Anonymous said...

left outside in frigid yards

What about all the other animals outside in the cold all the time?

They are animals people hell cows and horses have the least hair of all of them and they are outside all the time. I swear care more for a mutt than your own grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Let this winter be a lesson for everyone getting old. Get rid of everything starting at sixty. Get down to one car and what ever you can pack when you're 65. The kids will say you won't do it but find some ex pats south of the border and live out what you got left.