Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Survivor's Network Of Those Abused By Priests calls for a private funeral for an embattled and recently deceased Kansas City priest.

Here are the highlights from the latest statement from the group regarding the legacy of one former cleric . . .

Victims want private funeral for priest

He's accused of molesting dozens of kids

Abuse group writes Catholic bishop for help

"Please prevent more pain," SNAP urges Finn

A support group for clergy sex abuse victims is writing the Diocese of Kansas City - St Joseph’s top Catholic official asking him to make sure that a priest's funeral is private, not public.

Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, are asking Bishop Robert Finn to keep services discreet and out of the parish’s spotlight for the funeral of a credibly accused predator clergy member.

Msgr. Thomas O'Brien was sued at least 20 times for sexually abusing boys and had worked in Springfield MO, Independence MO, as well as Kansas City . . .

“Dozens of boys who were sexually assaulted by Msgr. Thomas O'Brien have suffered enough. And thousands of Catholics who were scandalized and betrayed - by Msgr. O'Brien's crimes and church cover ups - have suffered enough,” said David Clohessy of St. Louis, SNAP’s director. “Please do not add to their pain. Please do not let Msgr. O'Brien be buried in a Catholic cemetery with full honors in a public ceremony. "

“Finn and his colleagues did little to protect kids from Msgr. O'Brien or help those hurt by Msgr. O'Brien,” said Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, SNAP’s outreach director. “The least the can do now is to avoid rubbing even more salt into their intense wounds.”

Accordingly . . .


Open Letter To Bishop Finn . . .

Most Reverend Robert W. Finn

Bishop of Kansas City and St. Joseph

20 West Ninth Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Dear Bishop Finn,

News of the death of Monsignor Thomas J. O’Brien has reignited pain and trauma among some of those who as children were sexually abused by this man. Moreover, supporters of these victims, along with people in the pews, share in this suffering and continue to long for healing.

Scandal has been a consequence of this sexual abuse and further scandal would only compound the crisis. Hence, steps must be taken to reverse the scandal and to repair the damage that has been done.

The most immediate step that you can – and should - take is to deprive Msgr. O’Brien from a church funeral. Actually, doing so would be in compliance with the Church’s canon law which calls for depriving a funeral for a manifest sinner whose funeral would generate public scandal to the faithful (canon 1184, §1, 3°).

Thus, we call upon you to announce immediately your decision to deprive Msgr. O’Brien of a public Catholic Church funeral. A private funeral would be much more sensitive.

We put little stock in internal church policies, in part because bishops often ignore them, just like they ignore secular laws. Still, as you know, you do indeed have the power to take this step, according to canon law:

Can. 1184 §1. Unless they gave some signs of repentance before death, the following must be deprived of ecclesiastical funerals:

1/ notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics;

2/ those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith;

3/ other manifest sinners who cannot be granted ecclesiastical funerals without public scandal of the faithful.

§2. If any doubt occurs, the local ordinary is to be consulted, and his judgment must be followed.

Please, Bishop, you can add to the already deep and widespread pain caused by decades of crime by Msgr. O’Brien and inaction by his supervisors and colleagues. Or you can avoid adding to that pain.

Please show some compassion here.


Anonymous said...

STFU already!!
Are you people gonna be professional victim's for the rest of your lives?!?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to go out and piss on his grave, but the line will probably be too long....

Anonymous said...

He deserves a good Christian burial and then the not for profit status of all churches revoked.

Anonymous said...

This PEDOPHILE deserves nothing, nothing at all. Let him rot in Hell, with all the rest of the dead freaks.

Anonymous said...

The answer seems to be yes, 3:52.

Why not have the Westboro cretins picket the funeral?

Anonymous said...

The funeral is over and he was buried already.

Anonymous said...

So when Francis McGlynn was buried in a small, non-public way (only family and friends) you complain. And when they don't do that you complain.
The man is dead, and he must now face God for what he did or did not do. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I watched my classmates at St E's parish suffer after "going to the lake" with the late Msgr O'Brien. He left shattered lives in his wake. I am glad he can no longer hurt anyone.