Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rosie Jones And Holly Peers Bring The Kansas City Morning Link Look!!!

Rosie Jones And Holly Peers inspire with their bikini stare and now . . .


Here we go . . .

- Good News Among So Many Vacants: KC housing market shows positive signs

- Suburban Beat Down Aftermath: Shawnee woman charged in attack on husband

- The Cost Of Saving South Kansas City: Key questions emerge on Cerner's ambitious KC project

- Local Tech Alternatives: KCK gets Google Fiber, but Lenexa’s a digital biz capital

- Global Climate Change Consequences: Western Kansas Farmers Face Dwindling Water Supply

- Sunflower State Against Obamacare: Kansas lawmakers slam federal health care law

- Bi-State Hateration Throughout History: A massacre revives the MU / KU rivalry

- Wildcat Calls It Quits: Suspect in assault near KSU found dead

- Tragic Irony: Woman who won huge judgment in cancer case has cancer again

- Downtown Airport Aftermath: NTSB investigates cause of plane crash

- Rural Area Scare: Close calls in Cass Co: Three mailboxes planted with explosives

- Checking The Numbers: Human Trafficking In Kansas

- Show-Me No Signs Of Recovery: Missouri unemployment rate topped 7 percent in July

- Prime-Time Honor: Actor John Goodman receives honorary doctorate degree from Missouri State University

- A Lesson In The Future: Mizzou Student Body Most Diverse in History: University of Missouri's Racial Breakdown

- Show-Me Bi-Partisan Reassurance: Blunt, McCaskill: Efforts to shut down government will fall short

- JaxCo Follow-Up: Legislators Question Jackson County Sales Tax Backers

- Yet Another Pub: Nick and Jake's plans to open south of the Country Club Plaza

- Not-So-Perfect Village: Prairie Village woman finds suspect inside her garage

- East Side Resource: Reconciliation Services strives to build community of hope for those in need along Troost


Anonymous said...

Are Rosie and Holly in a relationship or just posing for the camera?

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Rosie and Holly but I can tell you children need the love and structure only jails provide

Anonymous said...

Rosie and Holly revive the wonderful myth of lipstick lesbians.

Anonymous said...

LUGS_Lesbians Until Graduation