Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lucy Pinder And Kansas City Afternoon Links

Lucy Pinder and her causal hotness start this Kansas City afternoon search for mainstream media links . . .

- Local Dope Man Double Murder Case: An 18-year-old Kansas City man has been charged in the shooting deaths of two people in what authorities say started out as a drug deal.

- Dead Tree Delight Delayed: The Star's Food Truck Friday postponed

- Even More Scary Meth Town Chemicals: Truck carrying corrosive materials prompts hazmat scare in Independence

- JoCo Biz Poaching Stays Winning: : KC-area construction employment favors Kansas over Missouri

- Nobody Wants Missouri Reform: The Missouri Senate passed on an ethics bill, including a proposal to reinstate campaign contribution limits.

- Show-Me The Road To Austerity: MoDOT faces dismal 2014 budget

- Golden Ghetto gets faster: Google Fiber Could Be Coming Soon To Shawnee

- Nuthouse and other Jeff City decisions: Missouri House OKs Nixon's plan for mental hospital, Capitol

- Pretend to care about soccer: Opposing team's protest costs Kansas City soccer team's chance at US Open Cup

- "Samir Clark was doing all the right things in his life until he was shot for no good reason."

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Anonymous said...

"Google has not asked for direct subsidies or tax breaks in previous cities." The Star

ROFLMAO!! Flat out fucking lie!