Kansas City New Airport Talk Tonight!!!

The topic of Kansas City's proposed new airport comes back into play tonight . . .

Let’s Not Follow Cincinnati’s Lead On Airports

Show-Me the money quote . . .

"The cost of building a new airport has contributed to making travel to and from there more expensive, so travelers seek other venues in neighboring cities. A new airport does not attract business, as proponents claim — quite the opposite. (Proponents of building a new terminal at MCI already complain about losing market share to neighboring airports. This would only make it worse.) Remember, Chiquita left Cincinnati seven years after their airport renovation and partly because of reduced air service.

Now Cincinnati airport consultants want to do to Kansas City what has been done to Cincinnati."

The Save KCI blog comes at it from a different angle . . .

Plunging Into The Terminal Abyss

We like Kevin's post because it relays a personal experience regarding the airport discussion proving that critics can have an "adult discussion" even if Kansas City politicos don't like answering questions.


  1. All hail, Patrick Two-face!!!

    Someday I too will grow up to be a paid whore for Rex Sinquefield.

    Just to get ready, I'm touching my toes as I type this!!!

  2. Patrick Touhey is a much respected employee of the Show-Me-Your-Penis Institute.

    I so glad to be "working" with him!

  3. Attract business? The airport has been in the same exact place since the 70's. It would have already attracted businesses. This is nothing but a few contractors and consultants trying to scam the taxpayers. Fix the sewer system. It needs it.

  4. I know several people in City Hall who could use the plunger that Save KCI talks about

  5. When the Star was campaigning for light rail, the Dallas Metro was considered an "equivalent" city for those purposes. Why not DFW Airport? For some reason, DFW is a functioning and growing air hub using the same architectural concept as KCI. Hell, the airports could be twins in some respects.

    The difference is that DFW adapted its space to modern security concerns a long time ago, instead of reflexively building new spending empires.

    Here is the money shot, for those that oppose a new KCI terminal: Why is it that DFW succeeds with the same basic design, while we are being told by the lib leaders of KC that only total re-construction will accomplish a task that has already been achieved in Dallas?

    Signed, Lance the Traveler.


  7. Every time I fly into Cincinnati (CVG) I am dreading getting through that nightmare of an airport. The mere idea of wanting to spend money to bring that nightmare to MCI is one that should be considered and then never implemented. Business folks from around the country anecdotally will comment on their MCI experience and are amazed how you just get off the plane and into the car waiting outside.

  8. Good heavens, some of you really hate the facts getting out, don't you? Instead of providing info to prove your side of the argument, you attack personally. Pretty pathetic.

  9. 5:48, this is the internet. Pretty much par for the course anymore.


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