KC News Quiz: "What is purple drank?"

Fox4 offers a newsie lesson on slang tagged to big pharma offerings: What is purple drank?

And yes, sadly, there is a hip-hop connection . . .

For a more comprehensive read regarding this not so recent trend that's slightly more glamorous than smoking crack . . . Check it:

LA Times: Lil Wayne seizure puts spotlight on rappers' use of 'sizzurp'

The Atlantic: Much Ado About Sizzurp


  1. Make that shit is thousand gallon batches with rat pizen in it.

  2. Niggaz been lovin the syrup for many years. Ask one.this shit ain't nothing new ..

  3. Little Wayne drinking this shit is no surprise.

    There are pictures of him lapping up spilt radiator fluid in front of his Bentley.

  4. My ex took my then 14year old daughter to see that fuckin idiot a couple years back,at starlight, YA,
    I wanted to strangle the bitch

  5. 6:47

    Ya gotta be kiddin me.

    Jesus what a fuckin idiot.

    Keep the ticket stubs and bring them to Family Court next time she drags you in there for more cash that actually goes for events like Little Wayne.

    1. Ain't shittin ya chuck And to. Tell you the truth, I have high bp and I can't think about it without damn near stroking out """!! Goddamn ignorant bitch. The more I protested it, the more determined she was to take here ..at 14.I was a racist. There was no reasoning ....aww fuck it!!"I'd still like to choke her.

  6. You stupid, lazy, stinking, fucking NIGGERS! Is there anything in your pitiful lives that is normal or human? Keep on drinking shit like this and acting like animals. It only serves to thin the herd.

  7. Sounds like somebody is cranky and needs another shot of purple drank!

  8. No 8:08 he makes sense and you don't

  9. That shit has been out for over 20 years and became popular down in the Houston, Tx hip hop scene. The whole chopped and screwed genre was made for people drinking that shit.

    If the local media doesn't think that this has been around in KC for over a decade then they are even worst journalist than I originally thought.

    I heard 980 this morning call this a new thing. In 20 years 980 will be reporting on the drug Molly as new..

  10. The jigs ought to be given double daily doses of "lean". Then they'll be too fucked up to rob everyone. Sounds like a win/win.

  11. This stuff is gross. I take liquids because I throw up most pills. Trust me, this stuff burns and makes me barf too. Pain killers and I aren't friends.

  12. Popped a Molly im sweatin.......WHOOOOO!

  13. Who is that chick in the picture for this story? She's hideous.

  14. That's a chick?

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