Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catholic High School Rules Forcing Kansas Wrestling Coed Abdication Cause Controversy

KCTV5 makes a dramatic oversimplification regarding a high school wrestling story: Catholic boy wrestlers may have to forfeit matches against girls - The (KCK) archdiocese prohibits mixed gender wrestling, believing physical contact between boys and girls is contrary to the church's teachings."

Then again, my wasted youth reminds me that Catholic High School officials only answer to the Pope or God (in that order) and to quit asking stupid questions and just do what they say.


Anonymous said...

But Fr OMurphy will gladly fill in for the girls

Dark Ages Catholic Thinking said...

Yes, wrestling with the priests is secret sacrament but you have to stay clear of the girls who may be "unclean" at the time.

Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Overlord said...

Here is how we fix this problem and provide Socialist, errr...Social Justice to this situation:

Henceforth, all Catholic school boys wrestling treams will be certified in performing abortions. That way, a valuable service can be provided during male/female wrestling matches. The school administration will send a check in the amount of $400 to Planned Parenthood for each boy on the team, and in return the boys will receive one hour of dismemberment and suction instruction.

We must all come together and embrace eugenics as part of the Green Movement.

Your Supreme Ruler,

spyke1 said...

You should stop watching so much Rachel Maddow and tune in to the Rush Limbaugh show.
And don't forget, if we give Marco Rubio a drink of water, he'll save the GOP from all the angry white guys...

Anonymous said...

Got news for you. Catholic high school boys and girls are doing plenty of "wrestling" when Mom, Dad and the Pope ain't watching.
I know so. We did our share way back in the 1960's. Teenagers haven't changed.

Orphan of the Road said...

I knew gals who could have kicked Lou Thez's ass and still make you desire them put your head in a leg-lock.

What's their policy on cardinals taking jobs in Rome when the prosecution gets too hot?

This papacy is like an over-rated breakfast, Ex-Benedict.

Father Guido Sarducci said...

The priests just got confused when trying to have butt sex with the girls and accidently stuck it in the wrong hole. No squealing like stuck pigs but moans of pleasure. They decided right then and there that sex must be as painful as possible and outlawed normal boy-girl sex in the church. But boy-boy sex is just fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh look. A priest did this?

As if the Catholic Church doesn't have enough problems, a Pennsylvania priest has created a wrestling web site that would even embarrass Vince McMahon.

Featuring hundreds of photos of young men (some of whom are minors) in nothing but clingy Speedos, the so-called Junior Professional Wrestling Association is the brainchild of Rev. Glenn Michael Davidowich, the 38-year-old pastor of St. Michael's Byzantine Catholic Church. Davidowich's web site offers 50 separate videotapes--at $20 a pop--of matches between young men using names like HardKore Kid, David Goliath, Sven, Latin Heat, and Bad Brad (you could be excused for mistaking those monikers for porno star handles).

Accompanying the sales pitch are scores of suggestive photos showing young men--often with their legs splayed--in a variety of, um, unorthodox wrestling positions. None of the grapplers is wearing headgear, traditional wrestling singlets, or even shoes and socks. In fact, many of the videos and photos appear to have been taken in a rec room.

Apparently not enough to remove him from the priesthood.
Settlement of abuse claims described here.

Anonymous said...

Anything to do with catholics, is wasted. Completely wasted.

Anonymous said...

I would be tough for a teenage boy to wrestle a teenage girl without getting a woodie.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you can make grab ass legal I am all in.