Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Another hurdle for Mayor Sly's pet project . . .

Streetcar project receives FTA environmental approval

Downtown rail transit passed a significant milestone today as the Federal Transit Administration issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) to the planned Kansas City Streetcar Project.

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department submitted an environmental assessment for the project in late September, evaluating project alternatives and potential environmental consequences associated with those alternatives. The FTA approved the findings today, allowing the project to move forward.

"The City appreciates this positive response from the FTA," said Second District Councilman Russ Johnson. "This finding will allow us to immediately move forward on implementing the starter line once the voter-approved funding is in place."

Staff is currently planning on issuing requests for proposals for final design by mid-November 2012. The planned $100 million starter streetcar line will run from the River Market to Crown Center. Future proposed development may extend east, south, west and north of the starter line, to such places as North Kansas City, Southwest Boulevard, the Plaza, and 18th and Vine.

The FONSI is available to view at http://www.kcmo.org/CKCMO/Depts/PublicWorks/CityTransit/index.htm

Media inquiries and other requests for more information about this project should be directed to Sean Demory, Public Works Department


Anonymous said...

Something smells.

Anonymous said...

Should have posted a photo of The Fonz!

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely essential that confidence be maintained because without that confidence you run the risk of the people finally discovering that the KC's economy has actually already collapsed.

Anonymous said...

Future proposed development ha ha ha ha hell they will never get this 100 mill paid off. Cost 20 mill a year to run the worthless piece of crap.

Question is this POS suppose to run 24/7/365?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Superdave. Shame on Sly James for leading us down this path.

Anonymous said...

Sly didn't LEAD anybody anywhere.
This whole thing has been an under-the-table fix-is-in smelly deal from the beginning. A little handful of folks making a $100 million and counting commitment for all the city's taxpayers.
This fiasco will bleed the general fund for decades, so just watch how the new money for parks and community centers begins to drain toward the streetcar.
This has to be one of the most upside down priorities KCMO government has ever pursued, and that's saying a whole lot!

Gerry G. said...

Sly sold us out.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that City has resources to waste on this project even before they find out if the voters approve it.