Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Big Dumb Fun Show & Brad Meehan!!!

Last night for just a few moments I was lucky enough to stop into KANSAS CITY'S TOP INTERNET RADIO PROGRAMS . . . THE BIG DUMB FUN SHOW!!!

They've been going strong for years and now seem to be hitting their stride and looking to expand into HD video simulcasts along with a few new content tricks that' we'll report soon enough . . .

Still, last night's show was just too good to pass up given that the program played host to KANSAS CITY'S FAVORITE COMEDIAN BRAD MEEHAN!!!

You probably recognize him from local car commercials or from his many performances around this town. Brad is still funnier than ever, his jokes are even sharper nowadays and what we find interesting is that he's keeping his commitment against working blue despite recent trends in the comedy game. Real Talk: Brad Meehan is one of the funniest guys in Kansas City that even more people need to see or follow via social media.

The crew was in top form and, as always, seemed to be having a good time.

Jeff "Venkman" Hirst has sharpened his game as a performer and he remains the heart of the show.

Aaron Gnirk expertly handles the controls and the producing duties of the program.

As always, The Big Dumb Fun Show is a good time and a longstanding Kansas City Internet Radio Tradition that's soon to step up their game on local cable TV, Youtube and probably a great many smarthphones.


Anonymous said...

Venkman and the other guys are some of the best radio folks on the air today.

Anonymous said...


Bradley Meehan said...

Great seeing you last night. Thanks for the nice write-up and compliment. Nothing better than making your friends laugh!


Aaron Gnirk said...

Thanks goes out to Tony for stopping by Monday night for a few minutes. TKC is a BDFS Fanimal who has supported & reported on us since 2004. We appreciate the kind words, coverage & are honored to know you.