Candice Swanepoel highlights this week's list of the strongest movers and shakers in Kansas City.


1. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker - The case against Bishop Finn is going forward. Her office is one of the only in the nation to take on the Catholic Hierarchy in a controversial sex scandal.

2. MO State Rep. Ryan Silvey - Across party lines he turned heads this week by earning an endorsement from Mayor Sly.

3. MO State Rep. Jason Holsman - He's building support among Democrats across the State.

4. John Hile - Newly elected to The Kansas City School Board. The only newbie who bothered to put his name on the ballot. Dedicated to students and what happens in the classroom. He's the best news for Kansas City Public Schools this week.

5. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver - A bad biz deal and a resolution for Trayvon Martin put this Kansas City elected official in the center of firestorm this week . . . But he's still favored to win his election.


Micheal Mahoney - A Kansas City news legend who has the courage to even throw TKC a shout out. This local news institution has made a rather smooth transition to the digital era.

John Landsberg - Kansas City's media referee keeps this town in line and still has the courage to maintain standards.

Darla Jaye - Still The Queen of Kansas City Talk Radio.

Chris Hernandez - The guy who is everywhere in Kansas City media.

Tess K. - We always look forward to everything this newsie files.


First Friday - Really, aren't we all tired of pretending to look at art?

Westport - Sleazy, dirty, overpriced and home to the ripoff KC Strip along with a great many people who can't recover from the fact that High School is over.

The P&L District - The TKC Boycott is bringing this place down faster than their horrible Jersey Shore branding.

Brookside/Waldo - The place where white people wish minorities didn't know about . . .

Golden Ghetto Leawood Nightlife - Cheating spouses aren't always interesting.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


  1. Noooooooo.

  2. Same list different week.

  3. nice leawood reference. that made me laugh.

  4. Brookside/Waldo comment ... true dat, and made me laugh as well.

  5. This city can be such a pain in the ass.

  6. Who, exactly, is John Landsberg and why do you have your nose in his ass every single week?

  7. Where is Mayor Sly James?

  8. I think Beth remains very powerful.

  9. I look forward to Hile returning the system to a neighborhood schools basis and keeping people in schools where they belong.

  10. Waldo-Brookside reference. Good, in that, ANY area not known by minorities (see niggers) is a great area until they find it and then, totally fuck it up. Again, see niggers... Good by Plaza, it was good to have you 'round.

  11. Where did Beth go?

  12. Beth has a modeling career now. Set the Kansas City Irony post below this one.

  13. Stop calling Cleaver's car wash debacle a "bad biz deal". It was a bad business deal...for the bank and the SBA.

    Cleaver decided to not pay his bill. Simple fact. He wants to take our money to pay for government run amok, but he doesn't want to keep his part of a bargain where he has to pay back money loaned to him.

    And no, I'm not a Turk supporter, although I might become one. I'm just an old-time KC resident who remembers when Cleaver took his entire family to Florida on the City credit card. He showed his spots back then...a habit of using other people's money for his personal gain. He hasn't changed those spots, as proven by his refusal to pay the bills on his car wash.

    He needs to be voted out of office. I hope people wake up and vote against this deadbeat parasite.

  14. T has an inferiority complex regarding Westport.
    Westport isn't dirty or overpriced.
    But it was sleazy during the years Nigro and the Winbury Group were trashing it out.
    Nigro still wobbles around, but Westport is much improved.

  15. Mike Sanders has encouraged friends and employees to run for office against people he PROCLAIMS to support. Yet he does nothing to keep others like Rev Tindall off the ballot because he is a chickenshit
    Beth who?

  16. Darla Jaye is the number one reason most men cite for becoming homosexual.

  17. But he's still favored to win his election.

    Incredibly STUPID people vote this joker in time after time. Is it any wonder they've turned their neighborhoods into war zones? With a leader like Hizoner The Rev, what more could you expect?

  18. 4/7/12 12:02 PM

    Name names or lay there quiet like the dried turd that you life has become through your own lack of effort.


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