More than a few of TKC READERS wondered what local Liberty activist Tracy Ward had to say about the shot spotter technology that will soon be in place in Kansas City.

To wit . . .


Our friend Tracy starts her analysis with some important inquiries and alt. opinion that local media skipped in their coverage:

Tracy Ward: "Why is this shot spotter program teaming with the ATA? What project for the ATA was the money originally earmarked for that they're now using for the shot spotter? There just seems to be a lot of back room dealing in this situation. Where were the public meetings and the opportunity for testimony before this was put into place? The news just reports the hope that these surveillance mechanisms might be used to stop crimes with little statistical data to back up that idea. In reality, the public should know that those microphones in these shot spotters can pick up and listen to more than just gunfire."

Right now the rate of local violence and homicide is so bad that the locals seem more worried about security than guarding against any threat to civil liberties. Nevertheless, Tracy's questions about new Kansas City surveillance tech are consistent with her local efforts to raise awareness about challenges to freedom in the digital age.



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  3. You know if you are worried about what you say in public then I suggest you keep your mouth shut when out in public.

    The internet is loaded with items to buy for listening into what people are saying down the street. To me in short when you are outside your own home it's all fair game. People just might be surprised how much of what you say in public buildings is listened to all for the sake of security. If you see a camera on or in a building I would suggest you as well watch what you say.

    But 5:34 is very right those who scream the most about attempts to get those who break the law are the first to scream the loudest if something ever happens to a family member and nothing is done about it due to nothing was there to help in aiding in who did it getting caught right away. People bitch when police don't do enough so they say then bitch when they do come on people you can't have it both ways.

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  7. sorry bro's and bit's, but big brother is real and ever intrusive, and republican.
    Look at the laws introduced since 9-11. Not a one to stop a raghead idiot, but all introduced to stop a free thinking american black, white, asian or latino person from free travel, or thought expression in the united states.

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  9. I thought KC Scout was the one on this program, not ATA

  10. PD and Firefighters want to know where their pay raises went, they went for crap technology like this.

  11. Two of Tony's darlings on opposite sides of this.

    Ward opposes ShotSpotter.

    Rizzo supports ShotSpotter.

    What will Tony do?

  12. Just another money wasting scam. Who makes the decisions to buy this DRECK? What are they getting out of it?

  13. 1. "Why is this shot spotter program teaming with ATA?" - In a word, money. They had a line on a Federal grant to pay for it.

    2. "What project for the ATA was the money originally earmarked for that they're now using for the shot spotter?" - It wasn't earmarked for another project. Again, this money was available througha a Federal grant.

    3. "Where were the public meetings and the opportunity for testimony before this was put into place?" - The grant money was awarded to the ATA who reached out to the KCPD to partner with them on this project. KCPD accepted the partnership at a public Board meeting where it was discussed, and the public was given an opprotunity to make comments. That she may not have known about the meeting or the topic to be discussed is not an indication of wrong doing, but rather her own lack of knowledge.

    4. "In reality, the public should know that those microphones in these shot spotters can pick up and listen to more than just gunfire." - While this last statement may be true, who is going to take the time to sit there and listen to everything they may pick up? Right not the system is set to detect high frequency gunshots and send a notice to the police dispatchers of the approximate location using triangulation. No one is paid to sit and listen to everything that the system picks up and listens to as she suggests. This shows she is either really naive about the system, or a complete conspiracy theorist! Either way her statements make her look foolish.

  14. Tracy & her cohorts are against the red light cameras, shot spotter technology, etc.

    I, too, am a supporter of individual rights & freedoms, & I believe in limiting the government's intrusion into our lives. However, my job has placed me in a position to view, first hand, the carnage caused to the victims of red light runners & shooting victims. I do not see any threats to my personal freedom from the red light cameras or the shot spotter system, especially when compared to the threat from the red light runners & the shooters out there. Spend a few shits with a police officer, or an ambulance crew, or an ER doc. Notify a few family members of the serious injuries or deaths to their loved ones from red light runners & shooters. See it first hand. THEN go out & trash talk efforts to prevent the carnage you have witnessed.

  15. This is, in my opinion, a colossal waste of money. Itll do absolutely nothing to stop the violence in the inner city. I applaud the city/kcpd for the attempt and I believe their intentions are good. In the event that this thing tracks a gunshot to a certain area, by the time it notifies the police and they arrive, the suspect will be gone in seconds. Anyone who believes that this will give the police a leg up to catch suspects hasnt done much research on this and is incredibly naive as to how things actually go down. This is a very obvious swing in the dark in a desperate attempt to hit the target that they can't see. What is needed is good old fashioned aggressive street level police work. Stop people, write tickets, tow illegal cars, take people to jail, tear down abandoned buildings, etc. The kcpd cant do it alone but the above areas are a great place to start.

    1. I agree with you on the good old police work. But when they what needs done they get complained on and then some civilian who has zero police background bangs them for being racist and the officer gets discipline or fired. The dept is ran buy a bunch of black commanders who hate white people. So until we rid of the black leaders nothing will change.

  16. I agree with Tracy on this one.

    The technology is being purchased with taxpayer dollars from the United States Department of Transportation. The money was funneled by carwash owner Emanuel Cleaver through the DOT by way of a grant to the KCATA. Because it is DOT money the technology is required to be deployed along the ATA's highest ridership routes. Ostensibly the money is supposed to protect bus riders but recent memory doesn't bring to mind any shootings on or around ATA busses. What an incredible scam. Apparently there is no money to put this technology (if it works) in Kansas City's highest gun violence areas, but instead, it is tied to bus transportation routes where no supporting statistics have been provided to indicate whether the bus routes have high shooting incidents. Why hasn't anyone asked for the violent crime statistics from the bus routes where this $720,000 is being spent. Without the statistics, the technology could be deployed in a farm field in Platte County next to I-29 on the way to the airport with better possible results. And why hasn't anyone asked the ATA for some details on the "project" they just so happened to have $720,000 left over from?

    The media is ripping on the GSA for spending almost the same amount on their Vegas extravaganza and the first family is rightfully taking heat for their extravagant taxpayer funded vacations. Yet here, almost three quarters of a million dollars in taxpayer money and no questions are being asked nor details requested that support this expenditure. And why isn't Cleaver's name all over this? This was his doing from the start. Someone needs to see if the company that makes the Shotspotter is donating money to politicians that have a hand in this waste of money.

  17. How about this: call the police when you hear gunshots. Look outside your window to see if you can spot anything.

    Neighbors need to stick up for themselves. People would be less likely to shoot when they thought people would call the police. Consider the perceived likelihood of being caught when faced with the choice of shooting in prairie village or the heart of east zone.

    Good or bad, the "man" is trying to fill the gap of informal social control because people don't even call shots fired in anymore. Neighbors have a responsibility to call the police and cooperate with them when something happens in their hood. If they don't they're just as bad as the shooters themselves.

    We wouldn't be putting microphones up if this happened. This is our fault.

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  19. Northland Voter4/27/12, 6:25 PM

    Tracy is right on the money about this issue. There has not been any transparency. Tracy belongs on our City Council instead of the do nothings we have now.

    Go Tracy Go!

  20. You think the number of people who die by murder is high now wait till you have a council of Tracy's in place and watch those numbers go through the roof.

  21. I hope she dies.

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