Congressman Cleaver Calls For Resignation Of Federal Judge Who Sent A Racist E-Mail

Kansas City's former mayor and current Congressman Emanuel Cleaver doesn't think that a Federal Judge's apology should excuse a racist e-mail taking aim at President Obama.

Here's some background on the story with the details of the e-mail that your racist uncle probably already sent you:

Cebull apologizes to Obama for racist email; critics demand resignation

Judge apologizes for forwarding a racist e-mail aimed at Obama

A federal judge’s e-mail spreads racist venom about Obama.

Last night . . .

Congressman Cleaver appeared on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" and reiterated his call for the resignation of the Federal Judge.

The Black, Asian Pacific and Hispanic caucuses have all denounced the e-mail from the judge.

Obviously, the comment section here @ TKC isn't really a place for enlightened discourse about race relations. In fact, I expect a few of you racist d-bags to prove my point about so much online hate that lingers. Still, I think it's worth noting that Congressman Cleaver is doing the right thing by working against the potential for racial bias in the judiciary.


  1. Doesn't have the ability or clout to accomplish much of anything in 2012, but always there to claim even the most obscure whiff of racism wherever it can be found. And, in these internet days, it can always be found somewhere.
    Maybe he can fly Gwen Grant and the other KCMO "leaders" to join him, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson and make a few bucks with TV appearances.
    It sure beats working for a living or actually representing his constituents.

  2. The only racists in this country are those who separate people by talking about "the black community"

  3. Does anyone tke Hizoner seriously? Just another grifter that trades on being a black reverand.

  4. I am sick of the pro-Black banter. These discussions always end with a paycheck, resignation or march about nothing. Most of these Black leaders are so far in bed with whitey that these discussions about race are irrelevant. Our Black heroes of the world all date white women, are bi-racial or just don't mean anyone any good. Here's the list: President Obama, biracial, Tiger Woods, biracial and dates exclusively white women, Michael Jordan - known best for his famous tennis shoes; so worth having Blacks kill over them; exclusively currently dating white women, Michael Jackson (love him) intentionally sought white women to create children that look nothing like him. This isn't a male only trend either! Plenty of Black women following the same trend. We all know that what happens on a national scale also happens in meaningless towns like KC. So, what's so significant about this email? Nothing! It's disrespectful sure but what politician hasn't been disrespectful? Blacks have created a culture of disrespect; why are we persecuting this guy for it? Just asking...

  5. One of the comments on the Washington Post says it best... It's not a crime to be a bigot. Unless they can find where this judge applied race to his court rulings, this is just another distraction.

  6. I'd like to call for Cleaver's resignation!! He is definitely more racist than most and horribly blatant about it. High time he was gone!!

  7. But this approach has worked so well. Just drive around the east side and look at all the success.
    Victimizaiton-entitlement-intimidation-extortion has worked REALLY well, especially financially, for a handful of folks, including Cleaver.
    Just not for the great majority of good folks who live on the east side who would just like to earn a living, let their kids get a decent education, and be left alone.
    That's why the population there is decreasing every year.

  8. Fuck all those coffee-colored sonsabitches.

  9. Racist nuff3/3/12, 10:13 AM

    suck the shit out ma ass you coon!!! Oh, you already have, that's why you a darky! sorry.

  10. I guess I'm just not seeing where the "racism" is in this email? Sure, the terms black and white are mentioned, but that doesn't make it a racist joke. Its more along the lines of making a jab at the character of Obama's mother. That's really it. If there was some way to re-word the joke without using the terms black and white, it would've still had the same punch line aimed at his mother's character.

    Geez anytime one of the grifters smells a hint of what they perceive as racism, they cry afoul and go to the media. Its comical at times.

  11. Call them like I see them3/3/12, 10:35 AM

    Curious... when asked to help save the east neighborhood from the clutches of Morning Star Baptist Church and AdHoc Group Against Crime, Mr. Cleaver was mum. Here, he's standing up not for somebody who will be homeless but for someone who has the most sought after job in the world, is a millionaire and can handle his own fights... President Obama. He did after all kill Osama Bin Laden. Mr. Cleaver, respectfully back off. We need your attention in other ares of Kansas City, MO. It's an email; not a burning cross on the White House lawn.

  12. Cleaver should have resigned after his own religiously-intolerant comments pertaining to Satan, Satanism and Satanists.

    Religating Satanists to second class status as a religion and saying that if you look at Satanists you won't like what you see and that Satan is "bad" clearly is clearly intolerant of a legally recognized faith that enjoys the full protection of the law as religious freedom.

    And Cleaver didn't even offer any Satanists who may have been offended by his denigrating comments an apology.

    What a hypocrit!

  13. That's a stretch but I see what you're saying. however I'm glad we don't live in a country that protects the rights of devil worshipers.

  14. Cleaver is chair of the congressional black cacaus, and was speaking on their behalf. And sorry kkk, but even said judge has admitted the e-mail was racist. Cleaver has every right to call for the judges resignation.
    I look for that daff Turk to come out in favor of barking at any moment.

  15. In my opinion, said judge admitted it was racist as damage control in hopes the media et. al. would quickly move on, not because he had some revelation of the offensive nature of the comment towards blacks.

    And as other commenters have pointed out, just because something is offensive to a black man (or his white mother) doesn't make what was said or who said it racist.

    And if Cleaver wants to call for this judge's resignation, I don't want to hear any more shit from him, the Black Causus, or any other Dem's when the Pachy's bitch about controlling "activist judges".

    Grow a pair Rev.

  16. Niggers ruin everything AND they can't spell worth a shit either..

  17. Cleaver was a CHEESE DICK mayor.... Now he's a CHEESE DICK congressman

  18. 10:28am & 1:31pm are right.

    From Wiki:

    "An ethnic joke, also referred to as a racist joke, is a humorous remark relating to an ethnic, racial or cultural group, often referring to a stereotype of the group in question for its punchline."

    Soooo, if this is to be considered a racist joke, am I to understand now that women in interracial relationships also commonly have sex with dogs (so as to fit the stereotype part of the definition)? I've never heard of this before but if we're going by the definition of what a racist joke is, then I guess its true.

    Give it a rest people. Regardless of whether you think the judge is a bigot or not, the joke still doesn't meet the criteria to be considered racist (that is of course unless women in interracial relationships commonly have sex with dogs as referenced earlier).

  19. The joke is certainly racist. Sexist as well. The judge should have shown better judgement. Not somebody who should have authority at the federal level.

  20. Maybe if it was directed at ALL black males with white mothers, or all women who have relationships with black men, i could agree it was racist and/or sexist.

    But it was directed at one person and for one reason- politics.

    Not racist, not sexist either.

  21. 6:03,



    Going by the guidelines listed above, please prove how it is a racist joke.

    We're waiting...

  22. Just another distraction. The country is in the middle of a DEPRESSION and the politicians are helpless to get the economy going. If anything they make things worse. The Rev doesn't want to talk about gasoline prices.

  23. I'm calling for Cleaver to resign. Do I hear a second?

  24. Cleaver is so irrelevant, he couldn't get fries with his 3pc. mixed chicken dinner at Church's.

  25. It's always a black person that calls someone a racist! Cleaver is the biggest racist of them all. It's amazing how black people can call whitey "cracker", "white bread", "honkey" or what have you and white people don't give a shit. Cleaver is a sue happy piece of shit and just wants to be in the public eye because he hasn't done shit politically worth while. No more Cleaver in congress!

  26. It's always a black person that calls someone a racist! Cleaver is the biggest racist of them all. It's amazing how black people can call whitey "cracker", "white bread", "honkey" or what have you and white people don't give a shit. Cleaver is a sue happy piece of shit and just wants to be in the public eye because he hasn't done shit politically worth while. No more Cleaver in congress!

  27. 7:17pm,

    Second. All in favor?

  28. I. All opposed?

  29. I respect Cleaver, but we must realize that we have no Constitutional right not to be offended.

  30. How can anyone respect Cleaver? He's ineffective, plays the race card incessantly, and credits the money-sucking and total fail Green Impact Zone as his big accomplishment.

    And I'm sorry but these same Democrats screaming for this judge to quit are the same stupid group that scraped and bowed to Robert Byrd, who had been an actual KKK member! Cleaver and his ilk are idiots.

  31. Cleaver is a piece of shit who will finally be thrown out of office this time around.

  32. Rocco Saliva3/5/12, 1:49 PM

    Cleaver lied about being spat upon.


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