Damn if Danica Thrall isn't the strongest of all my favorite online models . . . Accordingly, here are some of Kansas City's biggest power players for the week.


1. Mayor Sly James - The new Mayor presided over one of the biggest weeks for TIF cash giveaways this town has ever seen. And he's out there raising cash at a frantic pace . . . He's negotiating from a position of power to be sure.

2. Council Dude John Sharp - His Three Trails project is pushed through and it's clear he has some influence no matter how much he pouts about his new committee assignment.

3. City Council Lady Cindy Circo - She is taking credit for getting Google to KCMO. Good for her.

4. MO House Rep. And Democrat Leader Mike Talboy - The awards are mounting for this local politico and he navigated through another rough House session.

5. Retiring KCPD Chief Jim Corwin - Going out while on top is always a Kansas City power move.


1. Loren Halifax - Dirty blonde newsies are the best way to start the morning.

2. Kris Ketz - Note quite as hot as Halifax but still this town's newsie Twitter powerhouse.

3. Hey Cameraman - Kansas City's Digital news gathering guru.

4. Chris Hernandez - City Hall investigator extraordinaire.

5. Marcus Moore - Maybe one of the busiest metro reporters as of late.

Kansas City Jazz Institutions

1. Jardine's - It's been a while since I've been there but I hear they're still on top with important acts that are even more impressive than recent remodeling.

2. The Phoenix - A rather great menu and located in one of my favorite old buildings and Districts in Downtown KC.

3. The 12th Street Jump - The Kansas City Jazz show that you need to be listening to . . . Every week.

4. The Majestic - A bit too pricey for TKC, I've never been but I hear it's nice.

5. Mutual Musicians Foundation -This one's is on everyone's list and there's probably a reason for it.

Per usual, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


  1. Nice. This list is about what.

  2. John Sharp is a cry baby.

  3. Circo always takes credit for the good stuff, and accepts no blame for the bad stuff she does. Four years of her won't be fun.

  4. What about, "I wanna build a building for my ex hubby's business associates" Jan Marcason?

  5. Chris Moreno is a God, lick his ass clean after a long night at La Fonda you losers.

  6. 11:00 Marcason and her ex are not friendly so I doubt that helping him or the law firm was her motivation.

    Chris Moreno sucks. What a totally worthless human.

  7. I would say Chris Moreno is a great guy and the people posting on here are intentionally doing such to follow it with a worthless attack on him. The obsession a few people have with him seems deep. Chris doesn't act or talk like that.

  8. Retiring KCPD Chief Jim Corwin - Going out while on top is always a Kansas City power move.

    You mean going out as crime has TOPPED out in KCMO. Crime only got worse under his command.

  9. 11:36 I am in total agreement. Sure Moreno has his enemies but everyone in politics does. He has many more that like him as a person.

  10. Councilman John Sharp is doing more for south kansas city than many over the last decade. Who knows what a Jaxco Democrat is but as a Grandview liberal Chris Moreno is a nice young man. Everybody knows those ex-Repukes from Harrisonville are the ones attacking him anyways.

  11. Is Chris Moreno allowed to see his kids again yet?

  12. These shameful attacks on Chris Moreno's kids have no place in our party. Shame on Danny Powell and Chris Benjmain.

  13. Sandy did you expect anything better out of them? They're Republicans and are defending a felon county commissioner here in Cass County.

  14. Agreed. They are losers that have attacked him for a year now as an excuse for their 97% losing record.

  15. The loser around here is Chris Moreno. Oh wait, and the people who hire him to destroy their campaigns.

  16. He sure wins more than you 415. Two losses to your 35

  17. Regional Growth Consultants are changing their name for a reason. 0-35

  18. Someone should be asking why a "Democrat" firm ran by Rod Jetton's old Chief of Staff, would campaign against a sitting Democrat commissioner in Cass County for a Republican with a felony record. Now they are fighting with our Democrat prosecutor to keep him in office!

    Danny Powell, Chris Benjamin and their so called "consulting" firm Regional Growth Consultants. They are the best at helping Democrats lose against Republicans.

  19. Chris Moreno is a great guy.


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