Russ Carnahan to Lacy Clay: "Fuck You"

A report on Missouri Democrat civility from "Two weeks ago, a frustrated Rep. Russ Carnahan approached Rep. Lacy Clay on the House floor. Carnahan had been hoping to get Clay and fellow Missouri Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleave to pressure Gov. Jay Nixon to veto a Republican remapping of the state’s congressional districts. Not only had Clay and Cleaver declined to help, they had stopped taking Carnahan’s calls on the matter.

“[F—-] you,” Carnahan said, according to a source who heard the obscenity. Then, with sarcasm, he added “Thanks for your help.”"


  1. Wow! What if both young Russ and Princess Robin are forced to return to the private sector. There is the possibility that Obama might lose POTUS so he won't be able to hand out any appointments. Could they be joining the rest of us in these hard times?

  2. Democrats...class all the way.

  3. What surprises me is that anyone expects any of these gangsters to act with civility. Their entire professional existence is based on using force against other people.

  4. Why didn't local news pick this up? I wonder.


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