Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thanks to a TKC TIPSTER for sending this quick note . . . Breaking ground at a gas station isn't the most exciting thing in the world but in South KC it's what passes for progress.

Check it:

Councilman John Sharp Press Conference Tomorrow 10AM to Announce $1 million project

Kansas City, MO-- This is a media advisory regarding a press conference that will take place this morning.

When: March 15th, 2011

9449 Blue Ridge Blvd. Kansas City, MO



Councilman John Sharp will join with a spokesman for Inter City United Oil Company, to announce an agreement that will tear down a condemned building in the 6th District, and rebuild a brand new $1 million dollar gas station that will create 10 new jobs. The property which has been an eyesore for residents of the 6th District will now be redesigned providing a more positive atmosphere for the surrounding neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what an election year can accomplish !

Anonymous said...

John Sharp is awesome.

Anonymous said...


She is perfect as a brunette.

Anonymous said...

Sharp's a perfect idiot here.

Doesn't he know that Intercity Oil is where you can get all your illegal drug paraphanalia.

They sell roses in glass stems, chore boy, and butane lighters with extra large fuel canisters.

Not to mention rolling papers and every kind of malt liquor known to man.

Anonymous said...

Their are 2 other gas stations on that corner, what does Sharp think this is the 1960's we are not going need more gas stations with the price of gas at $4 per gallon. Sharp = the past.

Anonymous said...


There may be 2 other gas stations at that corner but do either of the others sell drug paraphernalia like Intercity Oil does?

Anonymous said...

Whenever Intercity Oil moves in it's bad news for the neighborhood.

How Sharp could live in and represent the 6th for all this time and not know that says a lot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Intercity Oil is an unofficial ticket outlet for the Sprint Center?

Anonymous said...

This gas station will be selling liquor thanks to Sharp's exempting them from the liquor ordinance.

This all highlights not only Sharp's cluelessness, but also his corruption and moral depravity.

Anonymous said...

John A. Sharp:

Morally Bankrupt

Got that, 6th district voters?

Anonymous said...

John Sharp works constantly for south Kansas City. That is far more than Chuck Eddy ever did. John has lots of support from both sides of the 6th District. He has a track record of getting projects for south KC. By the way, so does Mike Burke.

Anonymous said...

Those "projects" are destroying south KC and are driving out population. He took the baton from Chuck Eddy and ran with it.

Nice try, Gary. NOT buyin' it.

Anonymous said...

10:45 AM is smoking those bath salts that kids are buying at InterCity gas stations.

John Sharp works constantly for JOHN SHARP and no one else.

He has just played the victim with his loser neighbors for the past 30 years while Hickman Mills has gone from pleasant suburb to the focus of decay in the bistate area. He has NEVER stood up for the community against the forces driving taxpaying citizens away to Lees Summit, Raymore, etc. In fact, he has been trying to sell us on every transfer of wealth from the people of south KC to the corporations that are drawing down funds that were SUPPOSED to be spent on services for citizens.

The only thing he missed out on was the conversion of the airport to a railyard, and that was only because he was ensnared by his corrupt handling of the financial mess he created at M*A*S*T.

John Sharp... Intellectually exhausted and morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Sharp isn't too Sharpo. I'd forgotten about his aborted attempts to CEO MAST. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Got to give that Sharp credit. He lays around for four years and then pulls a gas station outa his bag of tricks to convince people that he is really building KC. I guess three jobs pumping gas are still more jobs than we had before he pulled off this really BIG deal a gas station. Next week he will unveil a lemonade stand at BANNISTER MALL.

Anonymous said...

Somehow Sharp, like most of the KCMO councilmembers, seem to think that if they screw around playing at being in the development business, taking credit for any private company that decides to open in their district, that somehow things like public safety, street repairs, storm sewers that work, and all the other services that residents depend on a real city to provide will magically take care of themselves.
Why don't the elected folks try to demand some accountability from the city staff, and themsleves, for doing what a city does, and leave the private sector to what it does better than they can every imagine.
You're going to be hard-pressed to get businesses to relocate to a city that has at least two homicides every week of the year.
If these people want to work for a developer, they should try to get a job with someone who is actually in the business. And there's no chance of that!

Anonymous said...

Just the name is suspect.

Anonymous said...

Has Sharp ever looked inside at the shelves of Inner City Oil. He should be ashamed. But then he is also responsible for getting the Liquor law changed so I can get my gas tank and vodka at the same time.