Dave Stephens And Kansas City X-Mas

Time again for holiday music and tonight I thought I'd highlight one of the best selections with a Kansas City connection.

Check out The Dave Stephens Christmas CD: The Best Time Of Year!!!

Last year, this was the favorite thing that I listened to and I'm pretty sure it saved a couple of lives given that I was in a good mood when suburbanites mistakenly stepped on my shoes at the mall. Well, THAT and thoughts of Dave's "Sideshow Sisters" Marissa and Kat dancing in my head.

Go bother Dave on Facebook and have him send you a copy . . . For more background check out a recent 2010 Holiday Season New York Times profile on the legendary Kansas City Jazz man now taking on a national profile.

Dave's version of "Zat You Santa Claus" is my personal fave and probably the best hybrid Jazz X-mas season tune this town has to offer or at least something associated with the holiday season in this town that's far more creative than most fare.


  1. Bought it last year, not bad. Looks like you broke yours.

  2. Just take the night off Tony there's nothing happening.

  3. I wanna bread that redhead on the right!!! bread her HARD!!!!


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