Kansas City Bloggers Save The Cosby

The local sentimental middle-class win the day with a save for The Cosby . . . But I don't want to hear ANY complaining when a sweet tax break is delivered . . . OR if this thing stays vacant for another year.

Credit Hyperblogal and BlogKC on this one who lead the charge to keep Downtown blight intact.

Don't believe for a second that a small showing on Facebook of less than 200 people made a difference.

Also . . . TKC Prediction: This thing will still be a Downtown eyesore at this time next year.


  1. I had never heard of the Cosby before, and I have lived in and around KC all my life.

  2. If there is no visible improvement to the Cosby by June 21st 2011 I will buy TKC lunch at the dive of his choice. If the opposite occurs he just has to admit he was wrong.... here.....

  3. Even if it looks exactly the same 1 year from now it will still look a hell of a lot better than a parking lot.

  4. I'm glad that they are saving the Cosby. Now, they need to make it into a titty bar.


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