Dave Stephens is seriously one of the greatest jazz performers Kansas City has ever produced. He's back in town this week with a line up of shows that are DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Seriously, the guy puts on a hell of a performance so I don't mind playing fanboy on this one.

This weekend his gig at The Phoenix was jam packed and the venue under new ownership was a perfect setting for the entertainer's powerful jazz showcase. Fire, table dancing some of Kansas City's greatest jazz musicians cutting loose marked the evening.

TKC will be blogging all of the upcoming Dave Stephens shows given that the guy is seriously one of Kansas City's best.


  1. KC has always had a strange relationship with jazz and blues.In many ways, KC was really a ignorant blues/jazz town, meaning drinking, fucking hoes, gambling, early death due to boozin - murdering - alcoholism, etc....what on Tony's page we'd call white trash'n plow boy/cowboy/factory working/unskilled labor - niggerin-Mexican RR trash...truth is, your KC great grandma was a blow job giving lush and fast living trick before she settled down with your cockhound, KC great grandpa. In order escape that cowtown, sheep fuckin, razor fight past, KC pretended to be more interested in sophisticated, Ellington style jazz. This has always dominated the above ground jazz scene in KC....but as a result, it has really stifled KC as a music Mecca because no one really likes that shit except on Ward Parkway...let KC music be KC, not NPRish... that means crude, simple, loud, self taught, musicians and listeners that Sly called, "Everyday People."

  2. Prairie Village Jazz Fest! Free! September 11!

  3. It only takes about 10 people inside the Phoenix to make it jam packed.

    So...jam packed at the Phoenix means nothing.


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