Missouri GOP Big Timer Rod Jetton Allegedly "Gets Down" Quite Angrily!!!

I have this horrible theory that all intimate relationships are about dominance and submission . . . Strangely and thankfully, I'm much too lazy too get into S&M - Mostly because I don't really like changing my clothes that often AND the only role I like to play is that of an inattentive and mostly unconcerned partner to chubby blonde white women with low self-esteem.

Anyhoo . . . The ALLEGED details of the sex life Former Missouri House Speaker are much more interesting than the TKC Saturday night run through with kindly and completely consenting women who probably deserve much better than the air mattress in my mom's basement.
"There is a warrant for the arrest of former Missouri House speaker Rod Jetton, who is accused of assaulting a woman after what seems to have started off as a consensual S&M encounter."
IF these charges are correct, it turns out that Republicans in Missouri don't really understand "Compassionate Conservatism" on even the most intimate levels.


  • Former House Speaker charged in S&M mishap

  • "This ought to be interesting . . .This blog and this committee take no pleasure in reporting this story"

  • Former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton has been charged with assault.

  • Sex assault charges likely to end Rod Jetton's power trip

  • Former Missouri Speaker Charged With Assault

  • Former Missouri House speaker charged with assault

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    1. If this is true he must go to jail like any other low life.

    2. GREEN BALLONS aka toadstool_watcher12/8/09, 12:36 PM

      What a bastard! and why can't he slip squit a knock out pill?

    3. GREEN BALLOONS aka toadstool_watcher12/8/09, 12:57 PM

      "GREEN BALLOONS" Damn it!
      Ah... poor Rod NOW wants us to stay out of the nation's bedrooms.
      His poor kids, I hope they do not have a birthday coming up. Green balloons would be inappropriate. Why the hell did he have to put his family in this mess?

    4. I always thought it would be Jason Kander to get busted like this - but with a man from the Missy B's leather shop.

    5. I always thought Diana K would be arrested for doing this to her husband, 05:10:00 PM.


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