Dave Stephens Holiday Jazz Circus!!!

GREAT Show at Jardine's last night . . . I thought I'd recap the night with a some photos now that the show is done and the circus has left town.

Good and bad Santa were in the house . . . But I'm not sure I could tell the difference.

Jeff White was a pretty hilarious elf . . . Interesting side note: This is his busy time of year and some of his elf work on behalf of sick kids and their families is actually kind of cool.

Nathan Granner has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. He completely lit up the stage last night and earned a standing ovation in the middle of the show.

Nicole Stephens is one of the classiest ladies I've ever met. Her "Santa Baby" was sweet and a ballet dance number was a nice change of pace for Dave.

Marisa MacKay-Smith kept me captivated and there's a lot of anticipation for next Burlesque Downtown Underground Gig.

The Dave Stephens Holiday Jazz Circus Spectacular was definitely the highlight of X-mas time in this cowtown. Stephens remains one of the greatest Jazz performers in Kansas City, consistently bringing unbridled energy and creativity to the stage.


  1. A woman in a sexy santa outfit dancing to "Santa Baby?" That's never been done before

  2. Hopefully these ad posts pay you enough to get a decent digital camera.

  3. The brunette in the top photo is so hot.

  4. Who pays for this? Jardine's or Dave Stephens?

  5. You cynical bastards, can't TKC like anything?

  6. If you want TKC to like you then make sure you surround yourself with some hot white broads in skimpy clothes.
    Haven't you fuckers figured that out yet?

  7. 11:16...agreed, I could eat her ass for HOURS!!!!


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