The Kansas City Star Now Publishes More Party Pics Than News!!!

Money Quote from KC Blogger Ancillary Adams: "Newspapers really are in trouble. What other conclusions can you draw when the Star now has what appears to be a permanent place at the center of the homepage reserved for party pics?"


  1. Those pics are the only part of the star I consistently enjoy anymore, what with their tendency to post nice looking womens with phat asses.

  2. funking waste.

  3. of a newspaper

  4. Bwahhhh Ha Ha11/2/09, 9:14 PM

    fyi, the star has the k9 kids web watcher program on all their computers that are not in an office of a suit and this program blocks most of their own sites. you can't go to mom2mom or or most of the others.

    you can however bring up

    a lot of the star pricks have been given the heave ho in the past 2 years but some have managed to suck some more dick and keep their jobs.

    and so it goes.


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