Dave Stephens Jazz Circus Countdown!!!

I don't like much about Kansas City but I'm damn sure that the Dave Stephens Jazz Circus at Jardine's just might be the best thing coming to town this weekend.

Here's a bit of the PR copy from their Facebook page:
"On Friday, October 23rd, legendary performer Dave Stephens unveils his newest spectacle of “Big Top” proportions, featuring an all star cast of world-class jazz musicians, professional circus performers, and the beautifully fabulous “Sideshow Sisters.” This amazing performance combines the swingin’ rhythms of vintage jazz era classics by the likes of Irving Berlin, “Fats” Waller, and Duke Ellington to name a few, with incredible choreography by some of KC’s greatest dancers ranging from ballet and ballroom to belly dancing and burlesque. All of this and much more served up in a timeless circus setting!"
Even better . . . I remember when this photo was taken as part of the act from last time the Jazz Circus was in town and somewhere in the background I was hoping that gravity and the forces of entropy would conspire to cause something to come unstrapped. No such luck but the whole thing did strenghten my appreciation of Jazz.


  1. Does Dave Stephens pay you to write up posts about him much like Jardines and the Lewellen Brothers pay Hearne for the constant posts on KC Confidential?

  2. Dave should pay you to write PR Tony. The stuff he's putting out is corny.

  3. To the first commenter: Is it that hard to believe I'm a fan of hotass dancing broads?

    The Jazz is great and I've been a fan of Stephens for quite some time but the kickass show that includes hottie dancers is really why I'm excited about his upcoming performance.

    But to answer your question: No, there is no deal for me to get paid by anybody in trade or cash for these posts.

    If something is sponsored on TKC it will be labeled as such.

    I just really like the Jazz Circus and I'd rather do a disclaimer in the comments because they're kinda lame.

  4. Agree on the dancing hottie. I would be happy to show her what's under my "Big Top."


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